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  1. Looks pretty, glad it worked out for you! I know I kind of abandoned this thread like 6 years ago, sorry about that everyone. Epilogue: I caved, and just made some aluminum diff flange spacers to work with what I'd already built. Worked fine.
  2. '79 E21 CV: '02 CV: Now I've measured the E21 axle shaft vs. the 2002 axle shaft, and the overall dimension is different between them (at 15.25" vs 15.625", respectively) but the length between the splined sections is the same, at 12.75" - best as I can tell, this is the only dimension that matters as when the CVs are seated all the way (with the cupped washers, I will add) this is the limiting factor. So now my question is, should I be using the supposedly longer '80-'83 shafts with '79 inner CVs and 2002 outer CVs??
  3. Hi everyone, I know that this has been discussed by many but I'm having some issues with what I thought was common knowledge posted on the internet. I've been trying to build a set of axles for a late E21 LSD I've picked up (3.91:1, 10mm threaded holes on the flanges). I've seen quite a few ways to do this, from getting axle flanges redrilled to 8mm and using 5mm or 1/4" spacers, to swapping flanges, to drilling CVs out to 10mm. The route I'm trying to take is one that I've seen posted more than once: Take a stock 2002 CV, a stock 2002 axle shaft, and a '79-only E21 CV, and build an axle which requires no drilling, spacers, or tapping. However, upon building an axle with this combination, I'm left with an axle which is roughly 1/8" shorter than a stock 2002 axle - I figure this number by taking the offset from the flange face of the midpoint of each CV. The CVs from the '79 E21 appear to be moved inward (toward the axle shaft) by about .150" when compared to the 2002 CV. Now because the differential is about 10mm more narrow on the E21 compared to the 2002, this is obviously not ideal. My understanding of this combination, and the reason I wanted to build them this way, is that the '79 E21 CVs are thicker by the correct amount to make up the distance that would normally be taken up by a spacer. But from what I've measured, this is not the case, and they are actually effectively shorter than a standard 2002 CV. There are two possibilities that I can think of - the inner CVs I have are not actually from an '79 E21. I can't really verify this as I found them in a crate of misc. 2002 and E21 halfshafts, but they are stamped with "04/79" and bolt up to the differential I have, so I assume they are correct, but being that I've never seen any pictures or dimensions of these one-year-only CVs I can't be 100% sure. The other, more likely possibility, is that I don't like the data that I've collected and can't accept that something I read on the internet is untrue Has anybody else struggled with this? I thought this would be a straightforward process but as I look at more axles and measure more dimensions, it seems like BMW changed something about the axles approximately every 5 minutes. I'll have some pictures up later today of some problem areas I'm having.
  4. I'm still interested in the turbo manifold, could you please email me?
  5. Would it be possible to come look at it? Where in Socal are you located?
  6. Is it possible to email more pictures of the turbo manifold? My address is blue seven five zero zero at comcast dot net. Thanks.
  7. Okay, so a little far to pick up from SoCal... Can you quote on shipping to 91765 (including 3.91:1 gears)? [edit] Or email me, blue seven five zero zero at comcast dot net.
  8. [edit] nevermind. Good luck! [edit2] double nevermind. Interested! Can you email me through the board or at [email protected] ? Don't mind the address, it's just so that the spambots don't flood my regular inboxes, I'll look out for your message.
  9. If you're driving with any kind of enthusiasm, I'd submit that there is a need to upgrade the stock system. I could get the solid rotor system on my car to overheat and fade fairly quickly on a tight and twisty downhill road, so I would imagine a car with any more power than that (S14!) would really need at minimum some aggressive pads, and hopefully ventilated rotors in front. Also I'm pretty sure there are only 6 flex lines on a stock '02 (two for each front caliper, one for each wheel cylinder at the trailing arm pivot)
  10. Can I have a shipping quote for the washer bottle on the right of your photo to 94941?
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