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  1. I agree alot depends on your luck of the draw at the DMV counter. However, I have researched thsi extensively and the actual law on the books is that you CANNOT import any car from years later than 1966 to California from out of the country. This includes cars registered out of state intially after being imported, as they are all NON-US spec cars. Now, like Derby the '67 mentioned above, it is possible to get them through the system if the person at the counter doens't care to look up the rules, as NONE of them actually know the rules in my experience. I think this grey area is due to the old VIN tags not being in the current DMV database, but that's my guess not verified. The DMV will simply enter what VIN and info you have on your paperwork (I saw them do this at the couter last time), that was verified by a police officer and signed off on. If the officer writes that the VIN is good for a '67 BMW, the DMV puts it in I believe. I just registered a '59 Land Rover last year, and it was a US car but they still gave me hassles (it was from Montana). But once I got the officer to sign that it was indeed a '59 Land Rover w/short VIN (Officer took my word) they put it through at DMV and gave me plates. They never tried to look up the actual rules, even with 2 supervisors involved. The supervisors just hassled me about completing the forms correctly etc. For any car, it definately has to be a pre-76 model or don't bother due to the SMOG/BAR verification thing which costs a minimum of $5,000-10,000 per them as of 2015 when I called last, and only one shop in can do the work in all of CA, in LA.
  2. Hi Lisa, I had my '67s generator rebuilt at a generic auto electric place in Campbell, on Winchester I think. It's been like 12 years so I don't recall the shop's name and sold the car in 2015 with all my reciepts. From what I recall there were no special parts needed, he just had to determine the right bearing size and coil winding once disassembled, and it worked great for years for me. Any electric rebuild shop should be able to do it for you especially if they hadle other makes of old car rebuilds, search for alternator repairs locally. Just be sure to stress that its 6V and may have different gauge wiring inside than 12V. The regulator is external, no worry there. If you need a new NOS Bosch 6V regulator I still have one to sell I think.
  3. Early front bumper brakets in great shape, not tweaked from accidents. One is rust free and the other has a light bit of surface rust on one end by the bolt holes. From a 1970. $60/pair. Only as set, Prefer local pickup here in Saratoga or in Mountain View weekdays, but may ship.
  4. Sunroof panel, no rust! From a 1970 Chamonix 02. No damage either, can be installed as is if your car is Chamonix. Local pick up in the bay area please. Thanks!
  5. A couple of random but rare 1600 parts. "Dark Brown" material only in 67-68 1600-2's. 1) Pair of seat backs (L&R) in nice shape. Cardboard is slightly warped but nice vinyl. - $30/pair (only sold as pair) 2) single brown door panel, pass side. Cardboard is warped but rare vinyl is nice except for staining around door handle pull area (oiled from use). $20 3) Driver low back seat. Missing back panel (could use one from the pair above) and has a hole cut in it. Vinyl is not great, pretty worn and dry. Mostly just good for the rare early frame which has good chrome bases. $20
  6. Oh, and Jay had a question about competition with Alfa Romeo in period. The more likely competition from Alfa at the time would have been the 1300cc motor cars, the 1600 Alfa motor is a twin-cam with dual side draft carbs and made 112-115HP. I think the 1300 was more in line with BMW's 1600, about 95hp as I recall, and likely more similar in price too. I still love my 1600-2's but the Alfa 1600 motor is definitely a step up on a BMW 1602, probably even over a 2002 motor as its still single cam and single carb. Cheers!
  7. You did great Lisa, and congrats on your award at Legends as well the black car's finish is impeccable! If I still had my '67 "florida" survivor car that I sold in 2015 (was all stock and original paint), that would have been a great combo with Derby. Derby is the best restored '67 I've seen that I recall, great job!
  8. I agree its a nice, simple well designed cover. But I do like my Alfa's valve 2-cam cover even better
  9. This is how it could look with the walnut blasting, I had mine (67) done years ago.
  10. Before I sold my 1600 I bought a set of Vredestein 13's for he stock wheels. They look period correct for the most part, with the old style tread pattern. They were about $75ea, vs $225ea for the Michelin XAS! I'd go with them.
  11. Hi All, One of the last of my early 1600 parts stash, from a '67. These are the smaller door pulls from 66-67 cars, before they were changed to the larger version common to all 02's. In fantastic original condition. For early "Brown" interiors. The chrome end caps are in OK shape, some light pitting but they are standard with the later ends if you need to replace them. I'll only sell as a set, asking $100 +ship.
  12. I would like to buy one set of the hub caps if you still have?

    1. whatisit


      sorry I realize I have a slightly different style ;-/ I do need rear tail light roundie lenses ig you have them for a 1969

  13. To see additional photos of these items not pictured here refer to this older sale thread: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/170787-fs-many-early-16002002-parts-both-new-nos-and-used-wpics/ ***For fastest response please email me directly at bimmerjeff AT gmail DOT com*** *****SOLD****USED Pedal Box for early cars with manual clutch linkage (not hydraulic), pre-1971. Rust free and in good shape. $50+ship USED BMW 1600/2002 owners manual, from 1971 I believe. Complete but showing some wear on corners. $25+ship NEW Knecht air filters, correct NOS items for early '02s. Have 2. $10/ea+ship. ****SOLD*****USED BMW "Dark Brown" vinyl material in excellent shape, very soft and pliable and not sun damaged. Complete lower rear seat and a couple small and also soft and pliable scraps that can be used for seat patching. This color was only sold on 1966-1968 1600/2002 cars and has been unavailable for 20+ years. $75+shipping. Used Set of (4) BMW accessory "Beauty Rings" for 1600 13” steel wheels. The wheel beauty rings were a factory accessory in 1966-1968, paired with the standard hubcaps. They are made of very thin aluminum and seem to bend if you even stare at them wrong LOL. Thus few have survived. Probably the 2nd hardest item to locate when restoring a 1600. It took me 6 years to acquire a spare set. This set is in decent shape and looks better on the car than off, but they can be repaired/restored like new by a metal shop. Each has a couple dings and dents, but they are straight and fit nicely on the standard 13" steel wheels. Included pics of them on my car before for reference, with this actual set installed. $200/set, will not sell individually. Used (2) SOLEX 36 40 PDSI carbs for 2002/1600both in good condition and rebuildable with a kit and some cleaning.$20 each + ship. NEW 2002/1600 center muffler (BMW brand). Local pickup only. $50! NEW (remanufactured) 1600 Bosch distributer. I don't know the model off hand, but it is correct for my 67 1600 and up to 68 from my research, 69+ was different. $80+ship NEW Brake Master Cylinder (NOS) - BMW pn34314450050 New condition no wear never used. Very rare and NLA from BMW. Fits 1968+ cars with booster mounted near the firewall. $80+ship NEW Rebuild kit for Master Cylinder (with T50 style booster for 66-67 1600). I have 1 kit left, NOS. If you already have the original MC in rebuildable shape use this. $15/ea+ship NEW Bosch Voltage Regulator, 6-Volt. Correct original part for 66-67 1600 and very rare. NOS never installed. $80+ship NEW Brake Light Switch for early 66-67 T50 brake booster. NOS never installed. $20+ship NEW Bosch conatct breaker points for 1600's (not sure if they fit 2002). 4 available. $5 each+ship Used Seat Belts from Klippan (70's). Rear only, complete with hardware except one missing Klippan labeled plastic cover. $40/set+ship Used Set of 4 hub caps for early 70's 2002. Well used but decent shape (see pics). $25/set +ship ***SOLD***Used complete early dome light assembly for sunroof cars, complete, from my '70. Uncracked and working. $20+ship Used 2002 valve cover from 1968. Nice condition, painted with high temp matte silver engine paint. No dents. $20+ship Used 2002/1600 trunk latch, very nice shape. $20+ship ****SOLD****Used early 1600 window crank handle. For 66-67 only. Nice condition but some slight pitting on chrome. Plastic is nice and black not faded. Works on either side. $25 Used (2) early all-chrome passenger door handles (no driver side sorry). In good shape not perfect. $15/each+ship Used complete set of early 66-67 door latch assemblies, and door strikers. Sold as set only. $30+ship ****SOLD****Used (assumed working but not tested by me) 6-volt headlight DIP relay. $20+ship
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