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  1. Yes, what's not to like! In the last pic it looks more inka then colorado... Let us know how it works out, Maikel
  2. I have the same problem with my tii... I noticed that there are fumes/smoke coming from the engine when it's hot soo I think it's the valve cover gasket. I already opened it cleaned the surface of the cover and cylinder head and then reinstalled but that didn't help. Should I get a new gasket from BMW or use gasket from a tube? Thanks, Maikel
  3. Hi Lee, I've been waiting on a 2nd batch for a long time! Count me in! 1. MrNvgtr (assuming the holes can be modified slightly for different airhorns/diameters) 2. MrNvgtr 3. Maikelm11 4. ... Keep us updated! Thanks, Maikel
  4. They are speakers, but it's just an example of what I'm going to make. Maikel
  5. Hi, I've done the same thing with the back seat. I still have to make a new backpanel because the bucket seats don't sit against the back and leave holes. (and I'll cover it in leather or vinyl) I also have the leather front seats (from a 2nd series e24), they are electric and look very similar to the e30 seats. I'm thinking about installing them in a fixed position by making some brackets to bolt onto the seats frame and to the underside of the standard sideframes that are welded to the body. Soo that the seats drop between these sideframes and you don't sit soo high. I've been measuring and I think it's possible. But it's not a bolt in job and I'm still working on it. Maikel
  6. Hi, Can you post some pics of the brackets on the trailing arm with the calipers? Thanks, Maikel
  7. Very nice looking car! Hope you have good results in your class and a lot of fun of course! Maikel
  8. I know what you mean, sometimes others stuff has got to come first... And for referring to your car like a person, I'm still looking for a name for my inka tii. If any of you guys have one.. shoot! Thanks, Maikel
  9. Hi, I'm interested in the rear brackets. Would like to see some pics on the trailing arms with the calipers. Thanks, Maikel
  10. Looking very good! Do you have some pictures of the pedal box? Does it stop the car easy or is the brake pedal very hard? I'm considering this solution to delete the brake booster. Thanks, Maikel
  11. Hi, This is the website I found. The diff cover is on the page below but it's for an e36.. http://www.tcdesignfab.com/products.html Maikel
  12. Isn't that a head from Mark on the forum.. He's restoring his alpina race car and I think I saw some pics of this head on his blog. http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?username=74fuely Maikel
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