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  1. all of the segments were filmed in the Tampa Bay area, I am going to try and find out who owns the 02 they used..
  2. I just parted out a 74 automatic, it did not have any type of fluid cooling system, A friend of mine is interested in the tranny for his wifes 74 auto but his has a cooler in the radiator with the associated plumbing. Are there 2 different auto's for the 02 1 with a cooler and 1 without? I would assume right away that the 1 with the cooler would be inherintly better, but considering my extreme ignorance of the inner workings of an automatic tranny I could be wrong. When I was 5 and I asked my Gramps how they worked he said it was magic and I have pretty much stuck to that description ever since...
  3. lots of guns but your lucky if you can get 1 body in there
  4. and another thing !!!!! why does the appearence of an 02 in a major American film always revolve around its unreliability... From what I gather from the plotline of Hancock the 02, driven by the Jason Bateman character stalls on a railroad crossing, causing Hancock, the reluctant super hero to save him by tossing the Bimmer. In Backdraft Billy Baldwins 02 has a habit of not starting that causes him to be late for work on several occasions, if they are looking for a vehicle to be perpetually faulty whay don't they use a more deserving conveyence? Lets say an Alfa, especially for Backdraft there propensity for bursting into flames could have been worked into the plot... I'm just sayin
  5. It would be interesting to know what they used as attachment points to lift the front like that. The cables appear to be hooked just ahead of the god awful US side marker lights, but they must run somewere internaly. One of you Cali guys has to know someone who knows someone who rangled this car for the film....
  6. "You just don't frack with another mans automobile"
  7. couldn't find anything in the archives, does anyone know if the AC compressor & brackets from a 318i will work on a 2002?
  8. you will have to swap out the seat belt itself also. The ends were they clip into the reciever are different, also, just some advice before you remove the 320 belts put a clamp on the belt so that it does not retract into the real completely. Those are a bitch to get to unreal if this happens, and you can not take them apart as easily as the ones on the 02's.
  9. well i guess i have a really big paperweight, anyone need a 5 speed tranny for a 325e ?????
  10. picked this up from the PO of an 02 I recently purchased, supposedly came out of a 320 unknown year. Guy was a little loopy so want to make sure it is usable, also I didnt see anywere for the speedo to attach, probably a bad sign
  11. On three different 02's I have seen them installed three different ways, but my favorite of all was one were they had run the lines behind the headlight and through the passenger side fender well. There is tons of space above the wheel and it was by far the cleanest installation Ive seen
  12. Thanks for "steering" me in the right direction ha ha I had actually thought of the rear mount since I replaced the front ones a short time ago, but visually it looked good. So after you mentioned it I put a jack under the back of the tranny and the damn thing is split right down the middle. I swapped it out with the one from my parts car with an extra washer just for kicks and it solved the clearence issue. I will have to waight until my son wakes up so I can take it for a test drive to see what it does for the shimmy. Thanks again
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