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  1. @JsnPpp I lived in Palo Alto and then Redwood City, commuting to Mountain View. I didn't have a kermit in the back, so must have been another minty! Everyone, thanks for the questions and the DM's expressing interest. I have gotten some major pushback from my family members about selling this car. I've been able to convince my wife (even though she planned to bury me in this car, or, use as a ticket to finding her next man). But just barely. The daughters however think I'm nuts, and would be really sad. I let my eldest drive it sometimes, and they are both very attached. Their rationale is that I should sell the newly acquired '73, vs the beloved ("and waaaaaay cooler looking, Dad") Mintgrun. For now I'm going to adhere to their advice. The '73 is still getting some bodywork done, and until it's back and I've had more time to play with it and make a decision with both cars on hand, I'm going to back out of the selling process. Sorry for the waste of time for those interested. Dug
  2. Hey friends! I'm seriously considering selling my Mintgrun, and thought I'd post about it here before going elsewhere. It's been to many BA02 shows and drives, twice to MidAmerica, and I've driven it all over the country. You may have seen it in person at some point in time. I'm the third owner for this car, and bought it in 2002 in Palo Alto CA, where it had lived it's entire life, mostly with the owner I bought it from who purchased it two years old. It's always been a garage kept driver car. I bought it with an odometer stating 72k miles and service records showing it had flipped twice. It's had exactly one accident in it's life, with a light tap to the driver side door. This was repaired, but not a great job of repair, and you can see the flaw in the paint when up close. The rest of the car is all original paint, and it still shines up nicely with a fresh wash and wax. Most of it's life was in the Bay Area, and since we moved to MN it's been a strictly summer car, so it is as rust-free as an original never painted, but regularly driven car will be. It's "dialed" for fun spirited driving but very comfortable around town as well. It has been well maintained throughout it's life, and I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere, no matter the distance. Some details about the upgrades / pros about this car : original paint original golde sunroof with deflector (very rare in the U.S.) all original glass other than windshield recaros up front with matching rear seat, done to match original 74 - 76 tan interior cocomats converted to euro-bumper look 320is steering wheel IE Stage 1 springs 22m/19m sway bars, poly bushings IE fixed camber plates re-cored radiator (has never overheated/run warm) 5 speed w/ a 3.64 rear diff & new clutch/slave etc done in 2015 IE shortshifter pertronix weber 36 Octavo 100 wheels with 185/70 Yokohama's with lots of treadlife ansa sport exhaust And here are some things that would be considered cons or to-do's: the steering box is worn causing an ever so slight stiff return-to-center (I've been driving it this way for years but it was overtightened at some point and can't be adjusted correctly) there is a knock sound from the engine at idle, when it's cold. disappears at any rpm over about 1300. not noticeable when the car is warm. been this way for many years. 2nd gear syncro is a little worn. sometimes it's not noticeable at all, other times you can tell the car has a 1974 title and numbers passenger side grab handle is ripped headliner is original and has a small tear above the driver's head. otherwise good shape but shows age odometer is non-op. I attempted a repair but it didn't last Folder full of photos is here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1W4lSmzwIQ1PNHEvhTreeR-AbXaN6VM1p?usp=sharing I've been on the fence about keeping vs selling this car, as I've put a ton of hours into it and absolutely love it, but for a variety of reasons am landing on the sell side and the timing is this summer. I've got a daughter starting college in the Fall | this mintgrun is "done" for me in terms of what I'd do to it next | I bought a '73 a couple years ago which is my new project | I don't really have good space to continually garage two cars. All are adding up to it's time to sell it. I've done a large chunk of the maintenance and upgrades myself, so have a lot of history of the car and can speak to it knowledgeably and honestly. Hit me up if you are interested or know someone who might be. It's an awesome car that is ready to go anywhere as is, and could be someone's new project to make their own as well. I think the price is fair/good given everything about it, but would be interested in others' opinions here too. Cheers, Dug
  3. I couldn't decide if I was going to go for a drive in the 02 or go windsurfing. I decided to do both :)
  4. Hey Fred, I did mine myself a few years ago myself. Here's my list of notes that I collected along the way with resource links for various parts of the process. Might be helpful, but also every person's stuck points are different... --- HELPFUL LINKS: Procedure Overview: http://www.racetep.com/5speed.html Very good detailed overview here of the trans install: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/86733-getrag-245-transmission-faq-and-install-faq/ Ultimate 5spd conversion page on FAQ: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/131907-the-ultimate-5-speed-conversion-page-for-getrag-245/ Bimmers.com overview of procedure: http://www.bimmers.com/02/upgrades/transmission.html Lots-o-pictures step-by-step: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/92602-5-speed-tranny-install-update-done/page-2 Another good overview of the process at the bottom of this thread: http://forum.roadfly.com/threads/7767-5-Speed-Conversion Transmission Removal Procedure: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/121534-transmission-removal/ Trouble with 245 sitting left and hitting the tranny tunnel: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/162245-5speed-install-questions/ Aardvark Racing upgrade Kit: http://www.2002parts.com/bmw/5-speed-trans.html Ireland Engineering Kit has all the necessary components other than tranny parts list: http://www.iemotorsport.com/bmw/2002-clutch-driveline/025spdlist.html Kick Ass Full parts list in photo attachment on this thread: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/106743-what-other-parts-do-i-need-for-a-5-speed-swap/ Rear flange removal: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/49543-transmission-output-flange-removal/?hl=%2Boutput+%2Bflange+%2Bremoval#entry146499 http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/158609-trans-collar-nut-socket-30mm-bargin/?hl=%2Boutput+%2Bflange+%2Bremoval Pilot Bearing: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/78278-pulling-the-pilot-bearing-without-a-puller/page-2?hl=%2Bbread+%2Bmethod#entry991505 http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/159284-new-pilot-bearing-use-felt-or-not/?hl=%2Bpilot+%2Bbearing#entry1007646 Clutch Re-installation Step-by-step: http://www.pelicanparts.com/catalog/SuperCat/5465/BMW_5465_TCLUTC_pg1.htm#item3 Transmission Install Instructions: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/86733-getrag-245-transmission-faq-and-install-faq/ http://www.bmw2002faq.com/_/technical-articles/engine-and-drivetrain/transmission-install-with-motor-in-the-car-r18 http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/63169-mating-transmission-to-engine-help/ Transmission cradle easy wood build: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/164380-trick-to-removing-shifter/ Getrag 245 Manual in PDF: http://www.bmw2002.net/pdf/Getrag245.pdf Re-install procedure: http://www.racetep.com/5speed.html http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/86733-getrag-245-transmission-faq-and-install-faq/ Aligning the driveshaft (about halfway down): http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/52091-5-spd-conversion-question/?hl=install+getrag Clutch Disk/PressurePlate/Flywheel How-It-Works Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqF-aBtTBnY Getrag 240 vs 245: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/134736-getrag-240-5-speed-kit-for-2002/ Shifter bushing step-by-step: http://www.pelicanparts.com/bmw/techarticles/E36-Shift_Bushings/E36-Shift_Bushings.htm Ireland Engineering Shift Plate Instructions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZbHYji_RVMMKyF7VLsm-naiZw5Q263Hw8TMWvcGG_OU/edit --------- PARTS LIST Transmission Parts List: ORDERED VIA PELICANPARTS 8/26/13 Input shaft seal - 30mm X 42mm X 7mm - Part #: 23 11 1 228 314 Output shaft seal - 40mm X 55mm X 8mm - Part #: 23 12 1 205 340 Selector shaft seal - Part #: 23 12 1 282 394 (or 23 12 1 228 443) Output flange locking ring - Part #: 23 22 1 201 330 Guibo + Nuts: 6-hole guibo part #: 26 11 1 225 624 ORDERED VIA PELICAN PARTS 8/26/13 Guibo nuts: locking nut Clutch/PresurePlate/Flywheel parts -- 228mm clutch disc: 21 21 1 223 097 (or 21 21 1 223 174) 228mm pressure plate - part #: 21 21 1 251 248 The throwout bearing must be from an e21 323i - part #: 21 51 1 204 525 Braided stainless steel clutch line -- IE Brass clutch pin (Ireland Engineering) Pilot bearing-- determine part number for 228mm For 228mm flywheel, you must purchase 8 of the 28mm bolts - part #: 11 22 7 805 885 Re-surface flywheel: When getting the flywheel resurfaced, make sure they know to leave a .020" lip for the clutch disc to ride on. As quoted from another member "The clutch disc rides on a raised platform. The mounting for the pressure plate sits .5mm "below" the central wear surface." Apparently any reputable shop should know this spec. It should look like this when complete: Speedo Cable, use earlier model and bypass the EGR switch: 62 12 1 351 720 Shifter Rebuild Kit (need source) Shift Plate & Shift Selector Transmission Support bracket Full Parts List: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/uploads/monthly_10_2010/post-18292-13667632437636.jpg
  5. First one -- day I bought the car in October 2002 from the original owner, parked on the side of PCH overlooking Ocean Beach. Very pregnant wife grumping in the passenger seat. :) Second one -- a few weeks later, about to take our first-born home from the hospital. The 02 was my daily back then. The first-born just graduated high school. :0
  6. otto

    2018 Mid America - 02's All Around

  7. @Stevenola I did a swap about five years ago, and encountered a similar "out of center" on the hole issue. I wish I could find a picture to show but it was eerily similar to what you posted. I went with the "roll with it" plan, though it bothered me at the time, and I spent a considerable amount trying to figure out your exact problem. Five years later: never thought about it again b/c it hasn't been an issue. disclaimer: big time hack mechanic here. i love to work on them. but at a certain point I'm just not a perfectionist -- i'll go for "drive it"
  8. I put this identical exhaust (minus the header, which is still stock) on my '73 last summer and absolutely love it.
  9. In a post on this topic a couple of months ago I believe Andrew Wilson recommended against the Kumho Solus, based on his experience. (might have been someone else who made this comment, but there is a relatively recent thread) I have these tires on my '73, but I haven't yet driven that car more than a mile or two at a time in an urban environment (it's still a work-in-progress).
  10. Really hoping we are able to make it this year, still tbd. Such a great gathering!!
  11. I love tobacco brown interior with agave. Great color combo. Assuming it's the original color, then I would definitely leave it, for resell purposes.
  12. This one is back up on ebay again: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1968-BMW-2002-Coupe-/233513768743
  13. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1976-bmw-2002-100/ 23hrs to go Nice looking car. I'm just a bit surprised a '76 is fetching this kind of price.
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