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  1. This thread is mildly amusing
  2. For those that deal with winter months where the '02 goes into hibernation in a non-heated / detached garage for 3 - 5 months, what is the conventional wisdom on putting on a car cover, cotton or other?
  3. Great work on this car! I still regret having sold my '68 sunroof granada years ago...
  4. Got Otto out and fully exercised today -- didn't have many just-for-fun drives this season and of those none over 20 miles. Today was a heck of a great one to finally get out and do a couple hundred miles of scenery and twistys here in Minnesota. I took a route from Minneapolis down into Western WI where it's hilly and fun, and back up along the Mighty Mississippi, which this morning was throwing off fog at Lake Pepin with the cool air coming down into the river valley -- it was like I was back in the Bay Area again. Man, these cars are so much fun to get out and drive on the fun roads.
  5. I'm curious if anyone picked this one up? To me seems like a good car with a seller-at-distance and uneducated, and thus risk if not local. I'm not anymore otherwise would've been all over helping out to check it out.
  6. Sorry I can't help, but that's pretty rad looking and I'm curious to know meself. And that's a sweet Agave-on-tobacco looking car.
  7. @majdomo thanks for sharing the adventure -- you'll find the right one, and know it when you find it. this group is incredible with input and you can count on honest feedback and very little nasty commentary. just always post pics when you can :) good luck finding the right one, and keep us posted!
  8. I love Euro signals on a Euro-spec car that doesn't have the additional reflectors added. I found some a couple years ago and put 'em on Otto, and I'm contemplating going back to stock U.S. -- I don't feel they enhance the cars lines but instead point out the (unfortunate IMO but I get it) addition of the US spec reflectors and side lights.
  9. FWIW I dig it. Wouldn't do it personally nor do I tend toward slammed or bagged in general, but on this particular car I was surprised when I watched the video that I like the "low" look better than ride height. The whitewalls stood out when up, but they are tucked in nicely when down and add a nice accent line, which is why I like the look down. It's artwork. All of us tinkering on these already beautifully designed and engineered machines (in itself art)... and the beauty of art is that it is much like love -- in the eye of the beholder. or, make a statement to drive impact. This one seems to be achieving both. Here, anyway. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Are those early door cards on that car?? I don't when the pattern switched, just wondering.
  11. Wow, that's a great looking car! And this is a fantastic turn-around thread going on here :). Thanks for the more detailed writeup and photos @Dosky, it's fun to play along as you get into what seems to be a great find (IMO). I too noticed the missing door-latch-thingies. I recently ordered them for one of my cars, and here's the part number: 51-21-1-809-735-M9 I bought the car and noticed the doors were a PITA to close -- had to really slam 'em hard to get the catch to catch all the way. Ordered these cheap buggers and put 'em on and immediately solved. Kinda the cheapest+bestest 02 fix :D
  12. I'll chime in on the love, and a belated Happy Birthday Steve! Totally agree on all the great positive comments above. Since I moved to Minneapolis, I always try and stop in to pick up my parts to have a quick chat with Steve, and he's always interested to talk even though I know I'm just interrupting him on the job. Super good guy.
  13. '73 Sahara down off jack stands for first time since last October! Yesterday I finished up the differential seals and re-installed it, hooked up a new IE exhaust, and lowered it down. This morning after troubleshooting the timing for like 3 hours, (figured out I had it 180 degrees off :/), got her running and test driving, then oil change. This car runs great! It's so interesting how different it is to my '76 with IE stage 1 springs, smaller 320is steering wheel, bigger sway bars, and camber plates. The '73 with it's original everything is so easy to steer and drive. Engine is tight, and it's running all right. Woo hoo!
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