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  1. the 2002 takes regular Dot3 brake fluid correct ?
  2. I need to turn the idle speed up, the car is a 1973 2002 and it has a weber 32/36, now Which is the idle screw ? Anyone have a picture ? pointing to it, that would be great, thanks.
  3. I realize that the car is running rich at idle, but it never hurts to burn cleaner on a test like this.
  4. Im going to run Chevron 94 octane, and i just bought some Methyl Hydrate, so im good to go.
  5. You mean the hose that goes from the air cleaner to the valve cover ? If so, its funny because i just walked through the door from replacing it. I had broken it last week when i replaced the starter. Here we have to smog or as its called here "AirCare" every car, even my 1960 beetle.
  6. Taking my 1973 2002 through Emissions test tomorow. It failed last year. These are last years readings : Driving HC :136 ppm Driving CO :2.58 % Driving NOx :1223 ppm Idle HC : 402 ppm Idle CO : 7.84 % <------------ FAIL Now, the car has a low idle, something like 500-600 RPM, the ilde is steady but low, it has a Weber carb, should i turn up the idle and do you believe this will help ? If so can someone post a photo of which screw is the idle screw on the weber. I cant remember the code for the weber its a 32/36 i believe. Thanks.
  7. Fixed, works great. I have not heard the car start this quick in a long long time.
  8. P.S. i did not fry the starter, the battery is toast and it only ran for 1-2 seconds, i pulled the cable right off. Thanks.
  9. Hey guys, she is a 1973 2002, and the starter is from a 1983 320i 5-speed. The beggining of the story is, about a year ago i went to start the 02 and all i heard was a tick. Rolled her down the hill, pop no problem. So i had a friend rebuild the starter, im afraid all he did was clean it up and ever since it was very slow turning, but would eventually fire. Now the 2002 is not driven to much, maybe a couple thousand miles a year or more. Then a few months later it would not hot start which i was told could also be the starter. So today i went ahead and replaced the starter with a 320i Unit. The differences i notice between the 2 is that on the 320i There are 2 tabs for the solinoid connecter and there is only 1 connector (the 02 only had 1 tab) When i was tightening everything up, i accidently connected the power wire to the negative and when i was connecting the battery back up, i got a few sparks and the starter started to run. I quickly pulled the battery cable back off and switched the power wire to positive on the starter. Now i got into the car and nothing, no tick, no click nothing. Did i miss something or what did i do wrong?
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=010&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=200181524715&rd=1 does anyone know what colour this vinyl is called ? thanks.
  11. Thanks, im just going to send this one out to be rebuilt.
  12. Hey guys, i have to pull the starter from the 02, whats the easiest way to get at it ? From the top ? im guessing remove the stock aircleaner and i should have enough room to get it there? Whats the best way, thanks alot.
  13. they wont be the same part number. but that doesnt mean that they wont work.
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