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  1. Looking for a good 1 piece dash.... hoping maybe someone can bring one to SoCal Vintage this weekend?
  2. I am looking for some help to find the original block for my Tii! Block VIN number 2761085. It was last seen by me about 8 years ago, and was at Groma Race Fabrication (MANOFIED) or at Ireland Engineering. In its last known state, it had the front cover swapped to standard M10, had a 121 head, and dual Mikuni Sidedrafts. If any any of you out there might know where the engine is now, in whatever state, please let me know! I would love for the two to be reunited! Thanks! Hope to see you at SoCal Vintage on November 2nd!
  3. JohnBarlow


  4. I have 2 sets of 1967 seats, complete, but in need. They are straight, and seem to have all of the hardware..... Hard to find these. Chocolate vinyl upholstery is tired, but there. LOCAL PICK UP PREFERRED. $320 for all 4, or $100 each located in SoCal [email protected] Location: Los Angeles<br />
  5. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! MAJOR THEFT ALERT!!! Last night our HB location had our CAR HAULER WITH TWO BMW RACE CARS ****STOLEN**** Help us prove the power of Facebook and track these criminals down! As primetime cable suggests, most crimes need to be solved within the first 48 hours. Please share this post along with the pictures to all of your friends. Maybe one of you was wondering why you saw the Coast Motor Werk trailer pulling into your neighborhood at 3am as you were getting home from church. Any information is valuable at this point. Please help those who work hard for their toys bring justice to those who steal for a living. If you have any insight please contact CMW at 714 894 9849. Surely this trailer and the rare cars within it will reach market soon.
  6. http://www.eurotuner.com/eventcoverage/1310_top_5_bmw_2002s_of_socal_vintage_meet_2013/
  7. 02 and e21 people..... I need your help please I need a single [or two] 6x15 Alpina 4x100 open lug wheel. I have been looking, and had a few people that thought they had real ones, but were not. I am drawing close to the end of a project, and really need to complete this set. Any leads would be a huge help. Thank you
  8. SO.... I went out to make sure of what I need, and it turns out that I need a single 15x6 NOT 15x7. I am hoping that this will be a bit easier?! Any leads, please let me know. Thanks.
  9. Good Morning.... really need a favor from someone. I have a set of 3 15x7 alpina rims 4x100 for an E21, REALLY need just one more. Will buy 2 if I need to. SOMEONE out there must have one odd one to sell?! Thanks! Trying to meet the Bimmerfest deadline!
  10. Does anyone out there know anyone with a 5th wheel trailer, for multi car towing? I need to get 3-4 cars from NoCal to SoCal this week. The guy I know is pregnant or something. If you have any leads.......PLEASE let me know ASAP Thanks
  11. WOW. Duke, so sorry to hear. I am glad you are OK though! If there is anything we can do, please let us know...... The death of another roundie! Thanks for letting us know Chris.
  12. You COULD call it a turbo.... Though it was not a factory, one, it SURE WAS BEAUTIFUL!
  13. I heard that someone got in an accident yesterday after leaving the event? Blue 2002? Does anyone have details? I hope everyone was ok! Thank everyone that came to the meet yesterday! I heard overall that it was great, though I didn't even have a minute to walk the show! We had a great turn out of Neue Klasse cars! The 02's seemed really light this year, about 1/2 of the usual..............Whats going on?! I miss them! NO turbos, NO tourings. Again THANK YOU! See you next year in force!
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