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  1. rogerspeed


  2. clearing out the storage, I have two passenger side very good use drop rail trims, bright, no nicks or kinks (but they will rock 'n roll!) OC p/u only, will not ship $20ea or both for $30, thank you
  3. A pair of very clean, very good driver quality wiper arms for 2002 - 1600/2. CA clean, note the absence of rust on the return springs, with a pair of 15" stainless steel wiper blades. clearing out my stuff $15 OC p/u, shipping $6.00 US priority mail (tracked and insured) thank you PS - you can view the photos better by clicking on the thumbnail, then clicking on the image
  4. cleaning out my storage have used, mostly usable, beltline trim for 2002 1600-2. Am selling as package only. $60.00 Some fair to good, some fair to poor, the door pieces are all damaged ends. but most of this is workable 2 nose pieces, one need a lot of work 3 trunk pieces, to are pretty good 4 door pieces all damaged ends 1 pass side 3/4 piece 3 trunk left 2 trunk right 1pr hood sides 3 cover clips as pictured, prefer p/u, I'm in the OC Irvine / Santa Ana; will ship but it will take a custom box and good packing, add $25
  5. Original good used condition, one side has some patina, HEYCO 19mm W.Germany (marked) $12.00, pick-up OC or shipped Priority w/tracking add $6.00 (US) thank you
  6. vintage black leather ergo shift knob, good used condition, with collar and set screws, $25.00 shipped (US) thank you
  7. I do have a personal financial interest in this, but even so, the answer is emphatically yes. BMW cheaped out when came to adding cooling recovery, intead they piped the overflow onto the front cross member, that why so many 02's are rusted along the lower nose, if you drive hard anywhere with real heat and real mountains, a coolant recovery system is good insurance, your car was designed to release coolant if it got too hot, and the designers weren't concerned with the consequences to the unitbody. It is like a third brake light. here's a resorvoir I'm hawking: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,382784/highlight,/
  8. It is a very simple system, but you have to check everything. 1) battery grounds: one to the body, one to the engine 2) alternator ground: from the body of the alternator to the front upper timing cover (head) not to the battery; should be brown or black, not red, red means "hot" 3) alternator mount and fan belt: is the alternator "square" to the engine or are bushings bad, causing the belt to slip, is the tension correct, is the belt good 4) voltage regulator, Autozone sells VR 650 for about $30.00 it has the correct modular reciever plug. 5) wiring between the alternator and regulator: if you don't have the three wires with modular plugs (female) at both ends, you're asking for trouble, maybe someone here can sell you one. Both the alt and reg have three terminals, labeled: D+, DF, D-; they connect same to same, from the regulator D+ is also connected the lead to the warning light. Lastly in the wiring scheme is the red heavy output wire from the alternator screw terminal (B+) back to the battery (+) now you can tell if the alternator is working or you need another, also available at autozone, not expensive (rebuilt bosch)
  9. here's the answer to your coolant recovery / overflow tank needs, From a 70's Volvo, will mount nicely in front next to radiator (vertical). Come with cap (BMW) and bracket, has some cosmetic flaws but will clean up, heavy sweedish construction, $30 shipped USA, thank you, roger PS -shipping outside US extra
  10. in tuning an '02: asuming the cam timing is correct, first cold valve adjust, then ingnition gap (dwell) and timing (advance ball strobescope). Once those are checked it's on to fuel, is the fuel pump putting out enough? is the feul pump sucking debris that intermittenly blocks the line (blow the line out from the pump to the tank [disconnnected], not from the tank towards the pump!) if the power valve is leaking it would follow that under load the engine might get not enough properly mixed fuel to operate effieciently. What ever the jets, you have to adjust both the idle and mixture screws. Too bad were on different coast. Good luck
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