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  1. I got an email today my order has shipped FedEx,, ordered 4/6.
  2. I have had a NOS left lens in the bag for years now, just never have found a right one.
  3. Yeah, probably stay with chamonix but there are a few other original colors I really like.
  4. Thinking of changing color on my 72 chamonix, less of a foul?
  5. Same here, bmw2002faq.com not responding...…………..recover webpage or, long running script...……..stop script over and over for a couple months now, makes it almost not worth coming here. Took me five minutes to get this reply posted lol.
  6. ^^^ This, you will have to drill holes (4) to attach the bumper ends (front and rear) and this will leave the original holes behind the now pulled in bumper ends if you don't do metal work.
  7. I have what I think you are looking for, $220.00 shipped continental US.
  8. This thread made me pull some old receipts out, the good old days! Bav Auto: License Plate Lens $13.95 ea. (Pair still in the bag) BMP: Bearing and syncro kit for 320i 5 spd. $329.00 E21 1980 5 speed trans with copy of title 66,209 miles $250.00 (on the parts shelf) Bimmer Parts Co., was a great place for parts.
  9. Did you ever find this? I have what looks like exactly the pulley in your picture. Looks like1260091 MT to me.
  10. The only number on mine is 6078, each tool in my set is numbered 60xx.
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