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  1. This thread made me pull some old receipts out, the good old days! Bav Auto: License Plate Lens $13.95 ea. (Pair still in the bag) BMP: Bearing and syncro kit for 320i 5 spd. $329.00 E21 1980 5 speed trans with copy of title 66,209 miles $250.00 (on the parts shelf) Bimmer Parts Co., was a great place for parts.
  2. Did you ever find this? I have what looks like exactly the pulley in your picture. Looks like1260091 MT to me.
  3. The only number on mine is 6078, each tool in my set is numbered 60xx.
  4. Any numbers/markings on it? I have two different ones and was curious if there were more two manufactures.
  5. That one sold, after our conversation via messaging earlier in the week I thought you wanted it but you never confirmed that. If you are going to install A/C on your tii you need one of these, I have another if you change your mind. James
  6. Slight mark where seal rides, can barely feel with fingernail. Picture shows a very small nick on rear edge which does not affect where belt rides.
  7. What makes this a euro bumper? Looks the same as any other long rear?
  8. I have some new OEM vinyl if you are still looking.
  9. $250.00 per set I have two sets and am going to keep one but I don't care which one stays, getting recovered anyway. Tan set has one seam popped and a little hole you can see in second pic. Grey set is nice but armrest does not match as far as color. Dents in both sets will go away , been stacked in storage. I will be in Redlands CA 01/21/2017 and can bring them with me, in CA every few weeks if later works better. Might meet someone from Phoenix or Vegas half way if that works. Black set has been sold.

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