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  1. If Jake passes, I'm interested. Will pm as well. Thank you.
  2. Sorry I missed seeing this. Will you all be at the Intermarque show on the 11th?
  3. 3rd in line. I am also interested in your headers.
  4. I'm interested in the alpina header. How much are you asking? Also, if you have pictures. Thanks, Paul
  5. If you look a few threads down, there is someone else with wire melting problems. I had similar issues with my car when I bought it some ten years ago. In the end I found that the ground to the engine was corroded and everytime that there was a large energy draw - like say starting - the positive wires to the battery would get hot/melt/smoke, etc. Check to make sure that you have the correct grounds in place. Paul
  6. That would be cool. I'll send emails to a few other 2002 owners that I know in town. I'm planning on taking my '02 to intermarque as well. Paul
  7. It's my understanding that you don't really need a shifter surround, just the round flexible boot for the shifter. Same as was used for the early short console cars.
  8. I've got a Thule rack with two bike trays that I've used for years and I've had no scratches. Just make sure that the rubber piece covering the drip rail is positioned properly before you clamp the towers in place and also that there is no dust or sand between the rubber and the roof.
  9. Pretty sure that I'm going. Ya Gotta love Elkhart Lake.
  10. I'll second the missing exhaust hanger/cracked exhaust. Had that happen and I looked everywhere for what was vibrating until the center pipe finally cracked all the way through and fell...
  11. A few people in the cities have referred me to Dick and Rick's for auto upholstery. Haven't used them myself but am considering have them take a look at fixing a hole in my leather m3 seats. They will also rewrap leather steering wheels. below is the contact info from their website which is dickandricks.com Address: 423 West 90th Street Bloomington, MN 55420 Phone:(952) 884-7702 6088 Olson Memorial Hwy Golden Valley, MN 55422 Phone:(763) 201-6480
  12. I'm cleaning through my garage and was just wondering if any of these ac parts are even worth saving or if they've been rendered obsolete by the change in refrigerants. The compressor wasn't working when I bought the car (Frigiking) and I've removed all of the other parts including the center console. Thanks, Paul
  13. I've used STA-BIL in my '02 before putting it in storage every year for the last 10 or years. Never had any problems with it starting in the spring.

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