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  1. Selling complete m42 motor swap keeping transmission and driveshaft still in 71 2002 running and driving swapping in a m/s50 asking $2000 obo motor has about 70k miles from a 94 318is
  2. I have a ms3x file ~15psi 275hp 680cc injectors running a little to rich at cruise (12.5-13) but driveable. You can email me at [email protected] ill send it over.
  3. The manifold was made for me used less then 100 miles now the turbo is mounted down low. Any specific pics you want??
  4. $250 shipped equal length t3 flange $200 with rubber trim new never used i just couldn't cut my perfect fenders bought from Ireland eng. shipping to be calculated
  5. m42/m44 uses the same transmission housing size... as the m50/m52/s50/s52 the m20 uses the same bolt pattern BUT the transmission from engine listed above will sit sideways 15 degrees. So the shifter sits at a angle.
  6. never thought about the water pump. Im actually running a e30 water pump due to the belt setup. does any one have a pic of a 2002 water pump or can anyone measure from the timing cover to the front of the pulley?
  7. besides the bore..... is there a difference (ext size). i just put a 320i motor in my 2002 and there is about 1/4" beteew the water pump pulley and radiator now. No room for a fan and i sold my old motor so i cant measure if there is a difference thanks for the help
  8. do you know the part number on a e21 323 trans? is it 245054000
  9. what clutch kit and flywheel do you use with this conversion?
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