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    Restoring my 2000ti
  1. I`ve got 2 Ti`s and a Tilux,all RHD. They come with twin 40 solex`s,not 45`s. I can take a picture of the linkage setup one of these days if you like. Mal.
  2. AND it`s got the steering wheel on the correct side !!! Mal.
  3. Could you please post up the scans of the engine rebuild article please ? Thanks,Mal.
  4. Brought 5800 pounds apparently.... Mal.
  5. Neil,put me down for the 1800 tail light set. How do i pay you ? Shipping cost to Australia ? Mal.
  6. I think from memory the tisa wheels are 6" wide compared to 5 1/2" of my ti rims. BUT, they seemed to put more than the extra 1/2" on the outside of the rim if you know what i mean. My idea was to widen some rims to have the same amount of backspace as my ti rims AND the same amount of `frontspacing` as the tisa rims.They could then be 6 1/2" or wider. Mal.
  7. how do i remove the trunk lock barrel from the rear panel ? Thanks,Mal.
  8. I thought they had M30 6cyl engines in them or am i confused with something else ?? Mal.
  9. Has anyone got a decent picture or 2 of what lies under the bonnet ??? Mal.
  10. Wow, 4 yrs. I can`t believe its been that long. I`ve watched your progress on at least 2 different sites(maybe 3 ?) over that time......and still my own 2000ti sits virtually untouched in my shed..........One day !!!!! Mal.
  11. Look like a tacho from a Ti to me.
  12. Check out the quad front lights,amongst other things.Mal. http://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/showDetails.html?lang=en&id=121991472&pageNumber=1&scopeId=C&sortOption.sortBy=searchNetGrossPrice&sortOption.sortOrder=ASCENDING&makeModelVariant1.makeId=3500&makeModelVariant1.modelId=1&makeModelVariant1.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant2.searchInFreetext=false&makeModelVariant3.searchInFreetext=false&vehicleCategory=Car&segment=Car&siteId=GERMANY&damageUnrepaired=ALSO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&export=ALSO_EXPORT&customerIdsAsString=&tabNumber=2
  13. Thanks Mr CD. I guess i kind of knew the radiators would be different.Turns out the car i was asking about runs with an after market temp gauge showing 180`F......as far as i`m concerned it should be fine. Thanks,Mal.
  14. Can someone please tell me if the auto radiator has a cooling pipe in the bottom tank for the trans oil ?? I`m wondering if a manual radiator will go straight in or not. If there are oil lines going into the bottom,what fittings do they have on their ends ? Thanks,Mal.
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