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  1. Congrats on getting Tesoro on the road!

  2. Alpine white was not offered in 1972 the only white I know from 72 was Chamonix. Also I think the most common color for the seats and door panels were marine blue/black top borders and marine blue seat covers. the vin within the first 1000 cars thereabouts should have the 3.45 open or lsd diff, and black intake runners as well if the engine number matches the body.
  3. Dash heater bezel plates plz if in decent shape. diff if LSD and ratio. Thx.
  4. Not interested in buying was curious only!! Thanks for the offer, GLWS. I have one already and no, I did not have to buy mine. The one I have, new in the box was given to me by BMWCCA and Mobile Tradition sales and marketing staff via my VIN submission upon their their request. question answered, used versions are worth a couple bucks nice.!.
  5. You may want to discuss that with these guys in your area. A person by the name of Ben could give you some insights. For that bearing it is critical to achieve a correct measured gear mesh contact pattern. B&D Auto. Purported excellent reputation wished I lived near them! Good luck! http://www.b2byellowpages.com/company-information/839356225-b-d-auto.html
  6. The new ones I have come with the yellow and white Hoffman stickers with black part numbers and their own stubby phllips screws as a kit.
  7. Hello do you happen to have a pair of the dashboard heater bezels? Thanks! Geez!! Just saw your no gots !
  8. Hey, Does anyone out there have a 72 or earlier heater bezel set, or just the right side temperature one slider type that would be great thanks!
  9. Hey faq`ers Does anyone out there have a picture to show how the rear muffler heat shield is bolted/attached to the car I`m trying to adapt one to an earlier car so... Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello, Great story!!!! Just do the maintenance and be sure to keep the original interior in good shape. Just a little detail on the engine. Drive the poor thing till you have to do something with the valve seals! Does the cam have a "3" on the gear flange?? Thanks for sharing!!
  11. I had an oil pressure switch leak near the distributor and the only way I found out was when it got bad enough it leaked onto my down pipe and it got a little smoky!! lol Keep a fire extinguisher in your car/////
  12. As fresh as I can get I dont go near 5 years even on good tread!
  13. These guys have a very professional shop here in Fraser MI. Groesbeck and Kelley rd. They took me on a tour of their facility saw a couple Porsches (work in progress) displays as examples.., http://www.burkardind.com/
  14. Hello, For a more expedient solution, I would attempt to acquire a fuel supply back flow control check valve and place it in a cool location. While there are many alternatives, I would go with a Pierburg for our cars, and I would not trust the quality of non quality controlled Far east materials. Here is a genuine VW part which would presumably fall under Pierburg. http://www.ecstuning.com/Volkswagen-Corrado--VR6_12v/ES292046/ That should help keep the fuel at the front of the car near the carbs! There are others like Earls and Russell for increased fuel flow this is only based off a stock 2002 with 2barrel. Good luck
  15. Hello, Here is a good price for calipers, http://www.partsgeek.com/catalog/1974/bmw/2002/brake/brake_caliper.html I also recommend painting the non painted new calipers if not coated. and use a pair of large channel lock pliers and the old brake pad to press the pistons back. To further press them back use a small piece of wood. Good luck !
  16. I have seen a lot of quality issues over the past ten years with the remade parts. I would just make the guys get another set of runners and have them deal with BMW on the defective quality. Then have BMW Classic follow up with their findings. I took some off an early tii and they had some give at the attachment points and flexibility along the tubes themselves.
  17. IMHO shaven is nice!! Attention needs to be made also to the rear of the car.
  18. IMHO... I would address this first before you forget they are there lol... Once you pull out your gauge cluster, for that year car there should be two small screws that have bolt heads about 5 or 6 mm diameter facing opposite directions on both sides inside the gauge binnacle hole through brackets. One on the left and one on the right.
  19. I remember my oil pressure switch located near the distributor once leaked down onto the exhaust downpipe they go bad sometimes.
  20. Mikesmalaga72

    steering wheel and dash

    36 or 39CM? Thanks.
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