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  1. JHG762002


    Looks like a good site, thanks.
  2. JHG762002


    I just picked up a '90 fj62 and was wondering if anyone here knows of any forums for them that are as helpful and congenial (most of the time) as this one. Thanks Jason
  3. I found this one somewhere, not the best but does a pretty good job
  4. I picked up a few parts from this car yesterday and thought I would let everyone know that Keech is a fair dealer. I noticed some parts that might be of interest to folks. The center console is in good shape, a few blemishes but very serviceable. It's a sunroof car and the dome light looked to be in good shape. The glass is all in good shape, the windshield looked new and quarter glass appeared original and possibly the green tint variety. The front sheet metal looked good, but the car had been rear ended. There's more and Keech was very open to offers. Anyhow, bump for a smooth transaction.
  5. I just ordered these from Blunt during his spring faq appreciation sale. 51216442180 "Left base" (1) 5.19 51216442183 "Left base" (1) 5.70 51216442181 "Right base" (1) 5.19 51216442184 "Right base" (1) 5.70
  6. Now that mobile tradition has changed their website so that they are no longer displayed.
  7. Good point, their site says it comes with a base map. So more tuning may be necessary to see those results. Might be cheaper to use a chip since the PnP MS is $799. Guess you're paying to have it assembled with the correct connect and a map to start tuning with.
  8. here it is on u-tube, comparing stock ecu and their plug and play module
  9. I went from side drafts to megasquirt on my daily driver. So here goes Yes I like it, much easier to tune (I was using a wideband 02 w/the carbs as well as MS), no more changing jets. But really you only go through that in the beginning and there are folks out there way way better at tuning carbs than me. My cabs would come out of sync occaisonally, they were used and tired, this doesn't happen now with the 318i manifold. A plus is the car doesn't smell like gas all of the time with MS. Was it worth it? That's sorta subjective, I get a little better fuel efficiency now. I like tinkering with the 02 (carbs) and taking on new projects (MS), so that factored in to it for me. I also thought I may do a turbo at some point, though now I'm leaning m20, might remain a daydream, but whatever. I wanted to become more familiar with EFI. The MS is well supported on their forum and plenty of folks here have done it, so you can usually reach out to get questions answered. I don't have any HP or torque #'s since I have never done any dyno runs. I have a rebuilt motor ~9.5:1 comp and a schrick 292 cam. The car really came alive above ~3k with the carbs, with MS it still does but seems to be a little more responsive off idle. I don't remember what the cost was. I collected most of the EFI bits over time as I could. I bought the MS stuff from DIY autotune and miscellaneous stuff off craigslist and ebay (EDIS stuff mostly). It was probably about the cost of a new side draft setup but more than the used set of cabs the MS replaced. Also because there are many ways to install MS costs will vary. I would say not too complicated if you are already your own mechanic in most regards. I had never built any sort of electronics before the MS and computers were a way of accessing the internet. I think it took me a little over a week to do the install working in the evenings (not including building the MS stuff), some may work faster. I would highly recommend that you have a plan and have everything on hand before you start, I can't stress that enough. Nothing like waiting for some hard to source part to arrive, or make several trips to the salvage yard in order to move on to the next step. The down side is when I open the hood now my car doesn't look nearly as bad ass as it did with the webers. If someone were starting from scratch I would recommend MS for ease of use and webers for period correctness etc.. I found them both equally drive-able for everyday use with the MS offering a bit of an advantage in regards to initial setup, fuel efficiency and flexibility for future mods.
  10. Glad to see that the 02 crowd isn't the only one paying such high prices for mudflaps.
  11. You may want to reinforce the drivers side motor mount while the motor is out of the car if you haven't already.
  12. 1. As mentioned the MS board has a vacuum sensor on it to monitor manifold pressure. You will need to run some vacuum tubing from the manifold to the MS computer. The 318i manifold I used had two small ports (not sure what else to call them, nipples?), one I used to provide vacuum for the fuel regulator and the other for the computer. I don't recall exactly which brand of sensor I used for the air temp, but I also located it downstream of the filter in the intake pipe. It's been a while since I did the install but I seem to remember not putting it in the plenum because I wanted to avoid heat soaking the sensor. The MS forum is pretty helpful if you haven't looked over there yet. I haven't been to diy auto tune in a while but they have all the sensors and connectors you will need. 2. I am running EDIS, but I am pretty sure the newer version of MS can drive the coils you want to use. I would go that route if I were starting fresh. The crank pulley and wheel from 02 again is very well made and probably a lot less than what you will spend at a machine shop having something hobbled together.
  13. I haven't noticed any rubbing, the bottle caps these replaced did rub at full lock. The suspension is not stock. The car has suspension technique springs, The ST springs lowered the car by about 3/4", and were installed as part of a suspension package from topend performance 5 or so years ago. The rim and tire combo (15x7et25, 195/50/15) are what was most commonly recommended on the FAQ for rota rb's, so not sure how that would make the car sit too high unless I missed something.
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