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  1. In 2015 I had to sell my 2002. I posted it on this site's classified at what I thought was a fair price. Sold it in 24 hours to a member here and it was a painless transaction. The best thing is I know it's in a good place with a sympathetic owner who will do what's best for this particular car. And the bestest part, if I am ever in his part of the U. S., I am welcome to take it for a spin!
  2. Mike, regarding this wheel, my old 1970 ti had the exact wheel, and they are not leather covered originally. It looks and feels like leather but it is coated rubber of some kind. On mine the material had come loose in a few spots, so I used a hypodermic needle to inject some 2 stage glue into it and let it sit. Worked perfectly.
  3. Several years ago I came across this car in Toronto. Asking price back then was $8,000. Cdn. I never saw it again but wondering what happened to it. Anyone here pick it up?
  4. Hey Peter, I just came cross this video of your car that I have never seen before. What a car that is, I miss it every day, but I'm glad you have it now. One day I hope to see it again!
  5. Kind of hoping a previous owner was on this forum. I used to refer to this colour as Shit Brown. you certainly don't see many this colour so maybe that's a good thing.
  6. Les, I was hoping you would chime in. You are THE source for background info! Thanks!
  7. This car is for sale local to me in Victoria BC. Was supposedly driven from California to Victoria where it was bought by the current owner. VIN 428113. Never been my favourite colour, but it's kind of growing on me. Any history greatly appreciated. TIA Tony
  8. Maybe CD stills reads the forum, but doesn't post. We can only hope. I too miss his posts.
  9. Nice to see it being used as it should be. I agree with everyone above - the best version of 2002!
  10. Congratulations on keeping this site up to date. I'd light a Cohiba in your honour...if I had one! So here's a box of Romeo y Julietas instead! Cheers! Tony
  11. TonyHavana


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