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  1. Danco if you haven't sourced one yet strictly German in braselton Georgia has a few was there a couple of days ago Sent from my XT1526 using Tapatalk
  2. man that sucks, but they got some balls though only in a NY MINUTE
  3. hmmmm turbo car 6grand, just not going to happen.hate to think how much money i have into mine
  4. nice its been three years since ive been but well worth the trip maybe next year nice pics
  5. Hah I'm feeling kind of lucky I have one rocans originals should have made him sign it works great
  6. The easy way is by a e28 center link it has a perfect drop for this
  7. man i new i should have kept the middle console now i have 2 seats for sale
  8. More than likely its not wired right from the back of the alternator had that problem one of the wires has to be connected cluster or it will not excite the internal voltage regulator until its reeved up
  9. what i will say doint give up, keep asking questions and when its done trust me it will all worth it.
  10. I have a set but they need some work
  11. I have 16x10 on the rear with 225/40/16 yes its a little stretched not ideal but it works

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