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  1. Had a friend come over and take a quick vid this morning. Closed course, yada yada yada. Stepped on it in 2nd and ran it through 3rd and into 4th. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYedfOgq_XE
  2. I was trying to talk Dennis into it today, I'll be there Barry.
  3. Mine will be for sale, 12k. I want to build something else again. Check the link in my sig to see my car.
  4. It's not the motor mount limiting piece ( checked that the other day while I was looking ) and it's not the lineup of the spring, could be a missing washer, I'll double check.
  5. I put two of them in the back of a pickup by myself. They are heavy but it's all relative now isn't it. If your a small guy, yeah it's going to suck and might not even be possible. Hell when I was a young pup I wathched my dad lift a small block chevy LONG block into the back of a pickup by himself. I'm a good sized guy and I wouldn't even attempt that.
  6. Been working on the 74 in between helping with other projects ( I have a buddies brothers E39 for the last three months ) stuffed a motor in it FINALLY on Saturday. The E3 is just sitting there for now.
  7. I'm going over to r3v to see if he asked the FAQers the same question.
  8. Year of this 535i, some ( not M30 cars ) had cam position sensors too. Check fuel pump relay too ( very common failure point ).
  9. Attention thieves, here is my plate number, since your dad couldn't read please come take my car, I'll put the coroners number on speed dial. Is all I ask is, please don't bleed on my car.
  10. That looks fixable but it won't be a cheap fix. I hope they don't try and total it. Good thing it wasn't a big bumper car with a lower hit, tends to fold the ass down and they buckle at the wheel well, lost my first 2002 like that
  11. Nice work. A thought... If you use that elongated tab on the driver's side mount (to fit the slotted receiver), your design will subsequently limit the ability of the engine to tip back/down... and that means gearbox changes would be more work/difficult. Maybe that's why the factory uses a round pin? So it can pivot? Look forward to seeing the final. -KB Drop the subframe down an inch ( about what it will allow anyway ) and a tranny swap goes much smoother. For the OP, cool idea, I'd love to have something " softer " that is strong enough, the urethane ones suck for vibrations, between 2500 and 3500 my car feels like a chainsaw.
  12. They get stripped down quick. last one that showed up here was a 74tii. I got a few parts and left quite a few, injection pump was gone when I got there but most everything else was still there. I went by about a week and a half ago to snag a 5 speed out of a 320 and there was hardly anything left.
  13. You can make enough HP with a completely stock engine plus an MLS headgasket and a big enough turbo to break rear diffs at will. This is one of those the 5 extra hp is not worth the 500$ problems.
  14. Your guess would be correct, I had the rear retaining nut come loose and it aparently holds the gear set together, remove it and the gears will separate and bad things happen to the inside of the transmission. The best thing you can do about the guibo is change to the later 6 bolt one ( off late e21 and early e30s ) rather than the pathetic 8 bolt one that come on our 2002's. If you are swapping a 5 speed already and have to have a driveshaft shortened it's a no brainer.
  15. Got a little done on the rear today and have a few pics, we all know you guys love pics. On this car I'll be going with an early short chrome bumper and a center outlet exhaust. So I cut out the center and moved that piece with a little tweaking to the side cutout that was already there ( pic at the end ). The big holes are not needed for an early bumper in the late diving board cars so they gotta go. Remove the urethane ( or plastic ) that is located inside the big hole, I just used two good sized flat head screw drivers on each side, stuffed them in there and walked the plastic piece out. Looks like this when done, Then cut a piece of sheetmetal and bend one edge to fit the hole ( the bend is needed to match the underside of the reveal above the bumper ). I just shoved it under the lift and pulled up on it, had a nice matching curve and I got it on the first try. Trim the edges to fit, you've done a nice job when it's even with all edges and stays all by itself, kinda like this. Don proper welding attire, and weld it in. Finish by grinding all the welds level with the original metal, should look something like this, Still have to do the outer holes but you get the idea, I also have to determine exactly what exhaust tip I will use and then match the cutout and weld some 3/16 round to the edge to make it pretty. I guess it's time for a trip to pick and pull to find a nice looking exhaust tip.
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