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  1. I know, there were some reproduced a few years ago so there is a small chance someone may have one. It would be nice to get one back on a first year 2002 !
  2. Long shot I know but does anyone have an early hood trim that they will part with ? My 68 2002 is missing it and I would love to get one on it again. Regards James
  3. Hi, can anyone tell me what parts I need to fit my kooglewerk DCOE velocity elbows to my weber 40's do I need studs to fit them or bolts ? What size bolts do I need ? Regards James
  4. should be the black under dash parts there
  5. mine is a 72 with a black face speedo with no cross hairs
  6. Does anyone have a speedo in mph with W=1.393 that they would sell ? Regards James
  7. do you know the part number ? Think I have a nos one
  8. I am just about to get the wheel alignment setup on my 02. It has an adjustable rear beam and wondered what specs I should set it up to be ? Do I aim for near standard with some negative camber on the rear ? It is a fast road car with only the occasional track day. Regards James
  9. Hardy & Beck wheels might be a good option ?
  10. Does anyone have a copy of the ultimate small case lsd diff build with pictures ? hopefully someone will be able to email me a copy. Regards James
  11. they seam to be rocking horse poo ! took me a year to find one !
  12. humm why are these tasks never simple lol. . I need to learn how to measure all of this to find out what I need !

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