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  1. Might be the horn button binding and making the noise when turning. Wouldn't worry about it unless you get horny.
  2. Front drivers side side output line goes to front line on drivers side caliper, front drivers side bottom output goes to rear brakes, front passenger side bottom goes to front passenger side caliper. Don't worry about the passenger side front and rear caliper lines as they are about the same length.
  3. My original engine had the dipstick between the four bolts. I now have a different block which has it in the hole to the left. RealOEM shows the different configurations
  4. That's where the dipstick tube goes. It's a press fit and held at it's upper end by a bracket mounted to the intake manifold.
  5. Had one years ago and gave it to my son-in-law when I moved. Very easy to use with a long handle and the low profile allowed it to slide under all of my cars!
  6. I'll take them if they are still available. PM me please.
  7. Hey Guys, Just looked at this car today. Price is $20k which is too steep for me and too modified. Has E36 engine with mods, disc brakes all the way around, 15" panasports, repaint in original Malaga, etc. Auction ends tomorrow at 4pm. Google estate sales.com to find location. Looks like a club member last name Buchanan?
  8. Thanks for sharing Mike! FYI my daughter has a neighbor in Vienna, Va that purchased a car from you. More details later.
  9. I just bled mine. Are you sure you have the right wrench. You need a thin wall combination wrench that will fit over the nipple so you can have the clearance to turn the bleeder screw.
  10. I'm in the Woodbridge area and can lend a hand (only on warm days) Ha. PM me for more info.
  11. The metal strip clip depicted is sitting in the wrong horizontal position on the table. It is inserted in the square slots of the bumper after inserting the two bent ends in the grooves of the rubber impact strips
  12. Isn't that the old style motor mount? Might want to go with the newer more reliable one.
  13. Why do I always have to double click the return arrow to get back to the original page? Never happened prior to the last major update!
  14. They may be the fillister bolts that hold the rotor to the wheel bearing housing. There are four of them. Those look too long though.
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