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  1. What year is your car? I know the earlier models have no low beam relay, just the high beams have a relay. Check your low beam fuses and wiring/connectors to the headlights.
  2. I remember back in the day when guys would put razor blades behind their fender skirts to keep them from being stolen!
  3. I've got a good used one yellowed with age. PM me if interested.
  4. If you have a volt/ohm meter take some voltage and resistance measurements at the sensor plug with the wire connected and disconnected. Do the resistance checks with the key off and the voltage measurements with the key on both on a cold and hot engine. We can then compare the readings from another car(mine). I also have two spare temp gauge assemblies to use for comparison. Since you changed the sensor it appears your gauge may be the problem.
  5. Strange, I'm using the 8920 Tach Adaptor! Are you using the 8910? Isn't the 8910 for fuel injected engines?
  6. What blue wire are you talking about? The manual says if you suspect a bad ground use the tapped hole in the distributor housing for a grounding wire. You may want to try that or maybe use an alligator clip for a ground of the dist. body.
  7. Your headlights being "on" is causing a voltage drop on either the +12v side or even the ground side. You could have a poor connection supplying +12v to the distributor and/or a poor chassis ground or engine ground. Double check all wiring for loose connections including the grounds running from the battery to the chassis and the engine block. The 123 may be more sensitive to a small voltage drop vs the regular ignition.
  8. I have a basic 123 ignition with Summit's MSD equivalent, Bosch Blue coil, and tach adapter. Runs great!
  9. Might be the horn button binding and making the noise when turning. Wouldn't worry about it unless you get horny.
  10. Front drivers side side output line goes to front line on drivers side caliper, front drivers side bottom output goes to rear brakes, front passenger side bottom goes to front passenger side caliper. Don't worry about the passenger side front and rear caliper lines as they are about the same length.
  11. My original engine had the dipstick between the four bolts. I now have a different block which has it in the hole to the left. RealOEM shows the different configurations
  12. That's where the dipstick tube goes. It's a press fit and held at it's upper end by a bracket mounted to the intake manifold.
  13. Had one years ago and gave it to my son-in-law when I moved. Very easy to use with a long handle and the low profile allowed it to slide under all of my cars!
  14. I'll take them if they are still available. PM me please.

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