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  1. Wes did my Kugelfischer and Injectors as well. Top End Performance built M10 2002tii engine. Between the 2 of them, I have eaten a few vintage Porsches.
  2. Nice gas cap . I have one after this series no key cover and I think it's aluminum .
  3. Hey Bryc very interested in wiper motor sending you a pm .
  4. Paul


  5. Hey Bryce Thanks for the spare parts . I need a passenger window regulator . Sending you a text . Paul
  6. Hey Bryce These Pedal Boxes look great ! I know where to come when mine needs replacing . Paul
  7. The same thing happened to me . I have a 1974 tii . It not only killed the engine when I turned on the lights it left the engine dead regular less of what I did . I am gonna to r n r the ignition switch to see if that fixes it . This car has been my daily driver and the first time this has happened in 36 years of driving.
  8. Hi Bryce I need a Blue top brake reservoir ,a right hand visor in excellent condition . Under steering Column Trim and Tii gas pedal . Sent you a pm as well Thanks Paul
  9. Received heater control covers today . . . Perfect, like - new !! Great communication like as always . Thanks Bryce
  10. Who is Sick of Esty? Okay, I have been a 2002 enthusiast all my life and a Tii owner for 34 years, well before the Internet when parts were plentiful. Even then the Dealer did not want to bother with these little cars and these days parts are simply getting much harder to find. Now along comes a valuable resource like DenverTii and you are tearing him down? Bryce has helped so many including me where he has also gone way, way beyond the typical customer service. I mean he's been incredibly helpful and given me lots of extra time which he did not even need to do. Then on the other hand, there is Esty, and I mean what a piece of work! Ever notice that she is at the very center of every tumult where she outright slanders people. Then quoting other outlandish statements as if they were facts to actually create as much controversy as possible? It is so malicious that people seem to be afraid of her or immediately take her side without ever listening to facts. Here's what I know, if you have a problem with Bryce, give him a call. Interestingly if you want to talk to Esty there is no number on her website? Curious to know too if there is any last name that anyone has. It's really amazing to me that people even listen to this woman. The most important question here is who coronated Esty as Queen of the FAQ? Oh, excuse me, it was Esty herself. Forgive me if I don't bow. Paul Ruiz
  11. Hi Mike Please send Paypal bill . Thank You Paul
  12. Hi Mike Do you still have the Left and right side US turn signal assys 8/10 condition $60 for set ? Do you have a Paypal account ? If so I would like to get what I saw the look like they are in real good condition . e mail me and let me know .rzpl@earthlink.net Paul
  13. Please send me a Paypal bill for your "BMW 2002tii reman kugelfischer injection tools including 85MM linkage tool". Thank You Paul
  14. Are you sure they are 2002Tii front struts housings? Do you know if there is a difference between the 73 and 74 Tii? I need a Right and Left strut housing for my 1974 2002Tii. How much do you want for a pair? Do you have a PayPal account? Can You send photos? Thank You Paul
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