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  1. Wes did my Kugelfischer and Injectors as well. Top End Performance built M10 2002tii engine. Between the 2 of them, I have eaten a few vintage Porsches.
  2. I would be interested in buying your 1974 tii ; 1) Tii intake complete . 2) Tii lower crank hub and pulley . Thank You Paul
  3. Do you still have the tii intake ? Do you happen to have a lower crank hub and pulley for that tii ? I need one . Thank You Paul
  4. I need a glass set like you are showing . For my 74 tii . Thanks Paul
  5. Hi Ryan Danco Can you make it so it goes past the radiator bulkhead ? So that the filter is in cold air . Thank You Paul
  6. Hey Bryce I need a 8 prong hazard switch for my car . Mine just gave out . Thanks Paul
  7. Hey Bryce If you run across a Tii one let me know . Thanks Paul
  8. Nice gas cap . I have one after this series no key cover and I think it's aluminum .
  9. Hey Bryc very interested in wiper motor sending you a pm .
  10. Paul


  11. Hey Bryce Thanks for the spare parts . I need a passenger window regulator . Sending you a text . Paul
  12. Hey Bryce These Pedal Boxes look great ! I know where to come when mine needs replacing . Paul
  13. The same thing happened to me . I have a 1974 tii . It not only killed the engine when I turned on the lights it left the engine dead regular less of what I did . I am gonna to r n r the ignition switch to see if that fixes it . This car has been my daily driver and the first time this has happened in 36 years of driving.
  14. Hi Bryce I need a Blue top brake reservoir ,a right hand visor in excellent condition . Under steering Column Trim and Tii gas pedal . Sent you a pm as well Thanks Paul
  15. Received heater control covers today . . . Perfect, like - new !! Great communication like as always . Thanks Bryce
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