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  1. So far so good with the Braille B3121… for 6 months now. Also with a host of new current draws, such as stereo and electric fan that will sometimes stay on a few minutes after shutoff… it will float back and hold at 12.8 volts (fyi… AL41x @ 65A)
  2. Powder coating works great… I’m very happy I did mine. I get lots of compliments. They don’t really stand out as different unless there are other 02’s around to compare. To consider: mine were in much worse shape than yours. Also, I have bits of other trim painted the same since I had the car stripped of all trim for paint and new seals in 2008. My bright trim was also bad and dinged… hard to find and very expensive at the time as well… so I had it and roof rail coated too. That MAY be why it doesn’t seem to stand out as much (And now even my engine matches… Just finished my EFI project and coated the intake and valve cover!). All that plus I just hate polishing ‘chrome’ or high gloss finishes on anything… prefer lower gloss for ease of maintenance as well as prefer the look. This picture is a decent representation… shows direct and shadowed lighting, and the contrast between the Rota wheel (royal silver) and the stock pieces not painted… close enough not to clash. I can’t remember the color name/number, gloss level (70-80%?) nor the brand (Cardinal ?) but it’s very aluminum or light grey color. Go see it in real life or get a swatch. I’m sure you can find something closer to original look… a vast array of colors and finishes.
  3. thanks all... the wheels are about 7-8 years old, so not from corrosion when they were painted. I found some very similar looking spider veins on another forum (thanks Tsingtao…. ). I guess corrosion got underneath the clear coat, could have been just water. These other experiences also mentioned that they ‘stored’ them as well. This was the first time I had a shop do it… although i have always put them in bags I remember this time, since it was nasty weather, they were put in wet and didn’t have a chance to dry out... although I made a point of not sealing them up and stacking them for a good few weeks later… still I think moisture got under some imperceptible scratches. One spot included some road rash on the rim, so that seems pretty clear cut… the others areas seem pretty clean and smooth however. Lord knows I don’t wash these things with kid gloves as you’re apparantely supposed to. But I've never had an issue with any other wheel on other cars… I treat them all the same. That’s why I prefer all powdercoating, shiny stuff is too much trouble (from someone who dislikes washing that is). Don’t really mind patina… now I got it on my wheels!
  4. Have any ideas what could have caused this? odd spider pattern... the one large patch is the only one where the clear coat has a rough worn spot... the other spots feel smooth. Backstory... they were in perfect condition when I had a tire shop remove them to put on my winter set. They have been in their bags in the garage... I took them out to have them swap out and found this on two of the four. One interesting note (?) I think they were both on the fronts. I don't know whether to make a fuss and blame the shop or if it could have been due something I did wrong in storage... maybe the bags they provided had some solvent on them or ? thanks for you ideas
  5. Been using Valeo 600's (15") for quite a few years... seem to last a long time, I use them often (although car is garaged so not constantly in the elements). nice matte black finish, robust... made in Germany I believe. http://www.valeoserviceusa.com/products/wiper-systems/600-series
  6. I actually MAY be home for this one, for a change! how long does this cruise usually take?
  7. Several years ago now, I replaced my door cards and vinyl with some of the wooden ones from Aardvark… I put some sort of wood penetrating stain on the back and then also used some very dense closed cell foam (like the secondskin audio’s 1/8” Overkill) in lieu of plastic sheeting. So far so good… with added benefit of sound deadening… even though I sound deadened the entire car quite a bit (and it sounds like a tomb) I believe the door treatment contributes a lot to the quietness. The stuff compresses a bit and with just the right trimming won't adversely affect getting the door clips in.
  8. Ireland Eng has got them... they show just sets so will need to call to get individually... http://www.iemotorsport.com/
  9. I used some round closed cell foam (don't remember diameter) that compressed perfectly in that recess and seals well between body and trim... looks good too... can get it black or grey... grey blends in well, not at all noticeable. Has worked well keeping mud out and cleans easily with water spray.
  10. Oh I see... last time I had the dash pod out to fix my speedo I didn't notice it comes apart to that degree... yes, I can see how that makes a template easier... THANK you!
  11. Me too... better yet, do you have a template? I've been wanting to get some of that adhesive backed veneer and do that myself... I'm not sure how best to actually make one and then cleanly cut it out... suggestions?
  12. Thanks very much for the thorough explanation. With all that in mind I am leaning towards getting the Hamlin 55505 (at 125*C and mentioned in the msextra link)... the Cherry seems to require an external pull up resistor (as does the Honeywell GT1) and it's like $45. Maybe that pull up resistor isn't a big deal but it just adds another engineering element that I know little about. I will have to see if I can modify the mounting to fit that larger barrel, not to mention that flange being in the way... Tom (O2 again) customized my mount to fit the Hamlin 55075 (M12 barrel diameter) since all my research up to that point recommended this sensor. All I know is that with this information I don't want to chance it... I want to get it right the first time. thanks for the lesson... I could see how that would have been a frustrating problem. For reference, what VR sensor are you using? In case I go that route. Rob
  13. jmp... thanks for your write up... I look forward to updates, although I hope to tackle my EFI project within the next couple months. Question though, you say: I assume this is the Hamlin 55075? ... are you sure it was the sensor that went belly up? Or, as you found out with the VR sensor, maybe it wasn't set up correctly? I ask because this is what I purchased and plan to install based on folks here using it as well as research on other forums. The Hamlin data sheet does indeed say 85C, but their technical paper says 100C (which would be 212F). I wouldn't think underhood temps would get up even to 185F (85C) since it is mounted low and downstream of the fan (as well as mounted to an aluminum heat sink, since I'm using the '02 Again sensor bracket). I don't know, I am just questioning using the Hamlin now after your report, yet I hate to just trash it if your issue could have been something else. Any thoughts? Rob
  14. color does not matter to me... the original grey looks nice... I am a fan of powdercoating look and durability. was just trying to find on BluntTech... no go so I searched to find this post... please let us know when you have more... I'm interested in getting. thanks
  15. Have had my Crane XR-700 w/ their FireBall coil (PS20 I think) for at least 10 years now... not tons of miles, but a daily driver in all conditions... never a problem.
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