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  1. Hey thanks...Do you live in the East Bay? I haven't posting on the faq page in a long time.
  2. November Saturday afternoon in the SF Bay Area, 72 degrees washing the car then a jaunt on Hiway 13 in the Oakland Hills.
  3. Bob thanks for sharing the pictures and your additions to your 2002 that make it truly the Ultimate Driving Machine. Let's get together soon and talk BMW 2002's.
  4. Thanks for sharing the great pictures. Camping in the cool Monterey fog...Brrrrr!
  5. Congrats Coop, I just read the article in my new subscription. I'm surprised I have not seen your car in Montclair Village or Park Blvd. I live off of Highway 13 by the Mormon Church ( I don't go there). My car resides in Alameda.
  6. $5500 is alot of money. If it is daily driver and you are going to drive 10 to 15k miles a year Yes. I probably drive my 2002 on the average 2.5 to 5 K miles a year. Think about it in those terms. I would see if you could buy a used one with good compression.
  7. In-proper staging by my staging manager and photoshop team.
  8. My '74 Deuce out of paint. It is my first squarelight 2002. I was deciding on 3 other sets of wheels and purchased these new rims. See you at the 2016 meet in Brisbane. Cheers, jimalameda '74 Deuce
  9. Who has purchased car covers for their 2002's recently. Type Noah, Evolution, Micro Bead, etc? Where online and cost? Thanks, jimalameda 74 2002 sienabraun
  10. So I removed a bottle cap with tire on the rear brake drum with the studs protruding. I placed one of the BBS wheels in place of the bottle cap in the rear. The studs came up short. So no, I could not place the wheel with the 35mm offset and the studs would protrude out. I'm was doing a fit check to see if the studs would protrude out.
  11. I place one of the wheels on the rear hub, the studs were aligned but I need longer studs. The 35mm offset.
  12. Hi Yeewiz. Which BBS wheels do you have the 33 or 35 offset? Do they they just bolt up?
  13. I'm going to check the wheels on my car this weekend. I think it is the wheels. How much can the studs be off if the are press in the hole. There is no way they could be off by 3 to 5 degrees given the thickness of the material .
  14. Wrong term, hub with 12mm studs. Reviewing the wheels specs it says 4 x 100. Measuring tough because my digital calipers are 8'' and they will not fit in the recessed area-at an angle. Does anyone else have these wheels?
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