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  1. Paul, I recently opened a video production company,F-Bomb could be a good promotional video for the driver- preservation set. Regarding the wheels, contact me and we can work something out my friend. HATED selling Em, needed equipement etc. Driving the 2010 GTI for now. Jonathan jgm at starpower dot net 202-251-0368
  2. Paul, Love the tunes, F-Bomb looks great.... Been out of the 02 world since January Good to see you well Emilys old Alpina wheels are still around if you like. Jonathan
  3. The steel wheels are 13x6 with worn Yokohama AVS tires.Caps are fair not perfect. Local pick up only. Thanks Jonathan 202-251-0368
  4. ...............Sold Today..................... Shipping to Minn this week,sure wish a faq member would have bought this car.Paul built a monster and I have been honored to have owned her for 2.5 years+. New project starting this spring, Otis they threw in an extra 6-pack 3 sombreros and English lessons.How could I resist. **Alpina Steelies still with me if any locals are interested** Jonathan
  5. Otis, Mark did the 3.45 LSD and helped keep her in tune.Raspi is a super good tuner restoration guy and a nice fair guy. I recomend him to all in the mid-atlanic area. jgm aka Scooterboy etc.
  6. Paul, Thanks & Good to see you back,hope all is well.Hate to see Em go,projects and dinero are the objectives right now. Best Regards Jonathan
  7. Oyisimo, Just drop by and ask for John Rob-owner or Mike.They are good Amerkans. A guy from Minnisota has a deposit on it.Not yet a completed transaction.... Jonathan
  8. David, Bravo real or fake,both are fun and nice to look at........ Jonathan
  9. Tony, The certificate is a standard BMW one,stating build date,delivery and color Malaga and vin #. A standard 02,since restored in a faux ti manner. jgm
  10. Bill, Hope all is well, *The dealer has the car in it's showroom and is selling the car for me..... *Anyone who is interested can contact me,I know more about it after 3 years of ownership than the dealer. Taking an 02 break,another project is calling. Sorry about the confusion over a badge and the dealers web-site information. Thanks ya all Jonathan 202-251-0368
  11. K.C. thanks for the props my friend.Good to see you back.Let's catch up. As K.C. says,pop the badge and she is an 02 again. A little badge engeneering. Jonathan
  12. CD, Free up some $$$ and you an pick up the steel wheels and aircleaner if you like. Kidding you,you know more about 02s than I will ever know. Your comments are appreciated Jonathan
  13. John, Thanks for the kind words,she has been overly maintained and is as good as during Paul's ownership.As far as the steel wheels and faux Alpina aircleaner goes,they will go to the new owner.The superlite wheels were from my Inca Patina just prefered a change.
  14. JG, Thanks for the vote of confidence. If anyone thinks they can build a car anywhere near as this with this combo of workmanship and parts I say go ahead. Paul built a super 02,I modded it a bit to my taste and she will pass any test inspection you like.Friendship is offering at a lose trying to free up some inventory. * If anyone is prepared to buy or would like to inspect this car,glad to discuss or meet with you again it is a TRIBUTE CAR not a factory ti. I am bummed to see this car go,I spent time and money keeping it top tune and condition. Drive it you will buy it.............Garage kept under a car cover by me. Happy New Year Jonathan
  15. Marc, It is a real deal Petri w/ an early ALPINA horn button. Jonathan
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