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  1. Hi, in the middle of a move. Hoping August.
  2. Hi, I am in the middle of a move. Hoping to be set up again by August.
  3. Hi Blake, I am in the middle of a move. Hoping to be back up and running in August.
  4. I purchased these to place seatbelts in the rear of my 02, but never got around to installing. I bought them from a member on the forum. They are new, just dusty from sitting for a long, long, long time. $50 plus $10 flat rate shipping.
  5. I have had this packed away for years, but never ended up using. This is a vintage Cibie Rear Round Fog Lamp. Excellent condition. I never mounted. Included is the original box and instructions. $120.00 plus $10.00 flat shipping.
  6. The material will reduce the panel noise transfer and aide in noise reduction. I do not have a specific dB reduction specification. Density at 3/8” is 4.0-5.0 per lb. By the ear test there is a good amount of reduction, or softening of the transfer of sound. Hope this helps. Anthony
  7. Looks really nice. Nice engine! Thanks for posting.
  8. $95.00 plus $15.00 for UPS shipping. Yes they are available. If you would like a set, please send me your email address and shipping address to [email protected] Thank you, Anthony
  9. Great question. The pads reduces the panel resonance and provide under trunk aesthetic appearance.
  10. Wow! Smoking deal for someone. The very rare swan mirrors and the Uber rare Nardi stainless/leather shift knob alone worth the box price.
  11. I am sorry the instructions were missed. I will email instructions.
  12. Hi, I sent PM. Send me you email and your shipping address to [email protected] I will send PayPal invoice. Thank you, Anthony
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