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  1. Hi.  My name is Anthony.  I live in Lorena Texas. I have gone by Woody on this forum since joining in 2006.  I own Gustav.  A restored and modified 1968 1600.  I am also the owner of Squatch Pads.  Supplying 02 Underhood and Undertrunk insulating pads.  

  2. I can ship to Ontario. Just need to get your complete address. Please contact me by mail at anthonywerre@gmail.com.
  3. Great. Your car looks great and I think they enhance the beauty of your engine compartment.
  4. I sell insulation here on the forum. I have been selling the hood and trunk kits for a couple of years. I can also sell bulk insulation material. Works great in my opinion. Anthony Stumptown Mat
  5. I need at least one set of rear seatbelts including mounting bolts and bushings. Circumstances require me to install a baby seat in the back of Gustav. Any help where to find a set would be greatly appreciated. I tried searching but I get nothing back. It's me, I'm sure.
  6. I did a black wool headliner in Gustav and never installed the visors. I have a window tint strip at the top and have never had any issues with sun, including my passengers. Like the suede.
  7. Will do my best to make it. Thanks for putting this together.
  8. Don't have anything for NK's, but can work with you on material.
  9. That question will certainly get you many different responses. Figure out your budget. If you can find what you want within that budget already completed your getting a better deal than restoring. But if you plan to restore, modify, etc to your liking you will get what you want, albeit at a higher price. And ultimately, how long to you want to wait and have patience for restoring. But many have already given detailed observations. I don't think I could do another restoration. It was fun, challenging and the end product was rewarding. Good luck.
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