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  1. Need at least one center cap for these wheels. Was told they were made by DP Motorsports back in the early nineties.
  2. Did a head gasket job and at 500 miles want to re-torque it. Do I loosen the bolts a bit each then re-torque or something else. Please advise.
  3. I need the inlet casting that sits at the front of the head and two radiator hoses attach to it. Also the temp. sensor is screwed into it. Let me if you can help and how much. It is for a 1972 02.
  4. 02s are like lawn mowers in complexity compared to the head gasket job I am doing on an E30.
  5. Some sights have you torque the head in three Nm steps...that's it. Others have you torque, rest, angle, warm-up, and angle again. I am using a Victor Reinz oversized gasket and new head bolts. Which method is best.
  6. Thanks all for chiming in. I want to make sure I get the torquing procedure right. 60 Nm initially. Let it all rest for 15 minutes. 33 degrees all around and then run it for 25 minutes. Is the second go round of 25 degrees when warm or cool after the 25 minutes of running. Is the running requirement driving or idling time. Again my head gasket is a Victor Reinz if it makes a difference.
  7. Doing a head gasket job. Using a Victor Reinz oversized head gasket. Need torque specs and procedure for doing it.
  8. What happened to the Texas Tii on EBay.
  9. Looking for a choice 325I cabrio with a manual trans.
  10. I had a nice fellow in the Austin area look at this car for me. He sent me a lot of pictures although he did not drive or hear it run. Not nearly as nice as the pictures would make it appear. Probably needed paint. Rotted tires and probably sitting for some time. Notice the missing cold start connector. Sunroof did not open. Minimal description. Rotted windshield gasket ...more evidence of sitting... outdoors perhaps.
  11. Any fellow 02er's in the Austin, TX area who can take a look see at a car for me in the Austin area.
  12. Is it my imagination or does this car look fishy in a variety of respects.
  13. Living in the Midwest one does not often get to see an 02 yard. Recently, while on vacation in San Diego, I decided to make a short pilgramage to LaJolla. I had done some business over the phone with them without a problem in the past but wanted to stop by in person. I initially thought this might be some snooty high-end Beemer garage for those with the big bucks. What a suprise. Prime real estate on LaJolla Blvd. occupied by, dear I say, and 02/CS coupe restoration/junk yard. I do not mean junk yard in any way derogatory especially coming from an 02 nut. Then there is Carl who I understand is a walking compendeum of all things 02. A super nice guy who actually gave me what I was looking for. It is nice to see some guys out there who are not 1000% motivated by the bottom line.
  14. Nor I do not need a bathing suit. My speedometer went kafluie. I tried to fix it and made things worse. Hopefully some has a good used one for me. Quote a price with shipping to 48070. Thanks
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