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  1. $20/car for normal parking and $30 for "heritage parking" in the infield hosted by Pelican Parts. I'm on the fence about going...
  2. This would be my first time going, but now I'm rethinking my plans... I'm not really into the new BMWs. I guess I could go for a few hours to see what it's all about and just bail if it's crap...
  3. Anyone going to Bimmerfest on Saturday, 6/3?
  4. Hi, will you sell items separately? Thx
  5. I don't know if a full cage (custom or otherwise) would fit with a stock, full interior. That said, I had a full custom cage welded into my car. My friend tucked it into the A pillars and roof as much as humanly possible (because I'm driving it on the street and the plan is for track days (HPDE not wheel to wheel). My interior isn't stock. If you go this route, get yourself a wink mirror so you can see all around you. The first dash I fit into the car I had to chop the ends off. It looked crappy, so on the second one, I carved out the foam and metal frame from the ends and fit it around the A bars...I think it turned out pretty good. I lowered the seat mounts a good 3" to give myself more head/helmet room. If you install a roll bar or cage, your rear seats will be useless and should be removed, no one will be sitting there anyway. Make sure you set it up (measurements) with your interior handles/window cranks to make sure you have enough room to use them. Good luck, be safe.
  6. Well, I thought I'd buy a 4-bolt shortened drive shaft in anticipation of installing my 5spd. I have a 4-bolt trans flange that I was going to swap into my gearbox...until I saw that the rear shaft splines weren't the same. So, what now? Do I sell the 4-bolt shaft and get a 3-bolt or is there a 4-bolt trans flange out there with fine splines? Thanks in advance
  7. boxy02


  8. Really can't wait to see this in person...awesomeness!!
  9. Thx, but I have the 13x8 Schmidt TH lines... Was looking specifically for these mesh racing wheels.
  10. Are your flares steel? Fiberglass? They look cool!
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