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  1. boxy02

    stainless rocker seals

    Wurth weatherstripping adhesive.
  2. boxy02

    BMWCCA Grille Badge

    While club membership isn’t required, the BMWCCA Police (a division of the Mattress Police) will cite you for fraud.
  3. boxy02

    Two 13x8.5 Schmidt TH Lines

    Lowered to $600 for the pair!
  4. boxy02

    215 mm flywheel

  5. boxy02

    215 mm flywheel

    Still for sale, $90 plus shipping. Thx
  6. boxy02

    More Misc used 02 parts

    Hi Bert, PM sent
  7. boxy02

    Rocker Panel Trim

    Back up for sale, king2887 PM me please. Thx
  8. boxy02

    Rocker Panel Trim

    I’ll try to take more detailed pictures and upload them as well. Thx,
  9. boxy02

    4spd gearbox

    Thank you, Mike
  10. boxy02

    Rocker Panel Trim

    I have an interested party. I’ll update the post if they don’t purchase them. Thx.
  11. boxy02

    Misc used 02 parts

    PM replied, thx
  12. boxy02

    4spd gearbox

    Please remove my phone number from your post immediately. Thank you. I called your brother.
  13. boxy02

    More Misc used 02 parts

    Lowered prices...
  14. boxy02

    Misc used 02 parts

    Bump, $10/all plus shipping
  15. boxy02

    215 mm flywheel

    Bump lowered price to $90