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  1. Looks so awesome! Thx for posting your 02! The meatballs are for my MGB GT I’ll be painting British Racing Green (dark) after this covidcrap is under control.
  2. Hi, I’d be interested in (4) 18” diameter and (2) 16” diameter white vinyl meatballs, no numbers. Doable? Thx! Mike
  3. Thanks for all you do to keep this awesome community going, Steve. Just bought my year’s worth of support. Stay safe & healthy (drink more beer).🍺👍🏻 Mike
  4. John, if you did make the trip, your car would surely command attention!
  5. Hi, Still for sale at $100/shipped?
  6. Great job and kudos for jumping in! As @AceAndrew said a few posts ago, I too, learned everything about autobody collision repair and painting at my community college. Great instructors, guidance, tools, frame rack, 2 spray down draft booths, & 3 primer bays (along with an 8-bay, 2-vehicle deep workshop...). A great learning environment! I love that you’re gaining confidence in major body repairs/refinishing! 👍🏻👍🏻🍺🍺
  7. Good seeing you too, Steve! 👍🏻
  8. While club membership isn’t required, the BMWCCA Police (a division of the Mattress Police) will cite you for fraud.
  9. Still for sale, $90 plus shipping. Thx
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