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  1. Watching this one closely, I was only narrowly out done on the last BAT one.
  2. Appreciate the help so far, keeping an eye on the BAT one. Owner is over on the e9 forum as wells
  3. Thank you for all the replies that have been posted so far. Still in the hunt.
  4. Looking for any leads on decent condition pre '74 Bavarias. Not looking for a full project on this one, only real condition is that it's a manual. Location is immaterial for the right car. Please pm with any details appreciate the help
  5. I'll get some pics tomorrow

  6. I can pics to you tomorrow

    1. 70roundtail02


      Awesome, I appreciate it. will standby for pictures.


  7. Tiretool pm sent. If yours is an early model I'll take it
  8. I've got a early complete nose cut from a '72

    Eric  424/334-0807  Seattle area

    1. 70roundtail02



      perfect any time work best to ring you?



  9. Looking for an intact or at least workable early nose panel located preferably in the PNW. PLEASE PM ME. Have cash in hand thank you
  10. Local to the PNW, where is this located? What trans is this? Also gearing for rear end?

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