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  1. Bump still got it, just added one more Miata to the fleet this needs a new home make me an offer
  2. thanks mike lots of good stuff on the this car, somebody must want to go racing. lots of fun for not alot of money....
  3. Year:: 1976 Make:: BMW Model:: 2002 Price:: 9995 Location: : SoCal 1976 BMW 2002 Race car, car is complete, just needs your motor and trans to hit the track, with me driving at WSIR car ran 1:41 (BTW better driver = faster). I am moving on different phase of racing and the "Clown Car" must go. Car has been serviced by Tom Cleave for race prep. please contact me direct @ [email protected] or 714-244-6209 thanks ************************************************************************************ More images here http://brakefade.com/files/pics/Auto/bmw_2002/Album_2013/ ************************************************************************************ Costs below are for parts only no time or labor has been added. Car/Cage $2,500 Brake Master Cylinder Tii $238 IE Aluminum Radiator $325 Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses $90 Jaz over flow $45 Wheel Bearing kit - Front $70 Fiberglass Hood and extended hood pins $315 Wheel Bearing kit - Rear $45 6AL and MB Coil $295 19mm Rear Wheel Cylinder $52 Performance 8mm silicone wire $54 230mm Rear Brake Shoes - Ferodo $100 Re-wire Car HD Fuse block wire $325 Brake Booster Check Valve $17 Hella Fog lights $125 22mm Front/22mm Rear Sway Bar $390 AL Battery Box $60 Tom Cleve Spring Set rear $300 Pertronix Ignitor $75 Tom Cleve Spring Set front $300 performance/race starter $175 Tom Cleve front shocks $470 Jaz Double 2x Al Seats and Covers $525 Bilstein IE custom valve rear shocks $350 Crow KAM lock belts (2) $300 Racing Strut Assemblies for 2002 $1,300 SFI RollBar pading $45 Solid Rear Subframe Mounts for 2002 $125 Longaracre gagues/hardware $425 Motor Mount Plate for 2002 $25 Longaracre mirror and mounts $125 Front Subframe Reinforcement Plate $45 12mm x 65mm Long Wheel Stud 16 -$160 URETHANE STEERING COUPLER $20 Rear Stub Axels OEM $270 Ball Joint 2x $64 Diff Bushing $40 Tie Rod Assembly 2x $116 4.10 R/P Finned Cover/welded $425 Track Rod $80 12 GAL SPORTSMAN CELL $829 Steering Idler Arm Bushings $67 Fuel line/fittings/E-fuel pump/regulator$350 Front Urethane Bushing $79 Fire system $428 Rear Urethane Bushing $69 Handkook C91 tires (10) $1,000 Steering box kit $47 diamond racing wheels (10) $1,250 Strut Brace $175 Adjustable Rear Toe Kit $85 Adjustable Rear Camber Kit $95 Rear Sub Frame/Weld $300 Street/track - KB custom $375 Exhaust system $225 Motor Mounts $92 Trans mount $35 S14- oil filter adapter $135 Oil Cooler Kit $550
  4. 1970 BMW 1600 for sale, SoCal OC please contact me via email: [email protected] for test drive or any other questions. Car is not perfect, please keep your negative comments to yourself, but very fun to drive, all the guts have been replaced. http://brakefade.com/files/pics/Auto/bmw_1600/album_2013/ http://brakefade.com/files/pics/Auto/bmw_1600/1600_build/bmw2002_R&D_16litre_feb2009.pdf Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses $90 WHEEL BEARING KIT - FRONT $70 Wheel Bearing kit - Rear $45 19mm Rear Wheel Cylinder $52 230mm Rear Brake Shoes - Ferodo $100 Brake Booster Check Valve $17 22mm Front/22mm Rear Sway Bar Set $390 Bilstein sport front and rear $450 IE Stage 2 springs $250 Strut bent more camber $50 Rear Subframe Mounts for 2002 $125 Motor Mount Plate for 2002 $25 Front Subframe Reinforcement Plate $45 URETHANE STEERING COUPLER $20 Ball Joint 2x $64 Tie Rod Assembly 2x $116 Track Rod $80 Steering Idler Arm Bushings $67 Front Urethane Bushing $79 Rear Urethane Bushing $69 Strut Brace $175 Exhaust system with 1600 stall header $550 Aluminum Radiator $325 MB Coil $60 Re-wire battery trunk mount with brace $225 Pertronix Ignitor $75 12mm x 65mm Long Wheel Stud $160 Diff Bushing $40 Rebuilt 1600 motor 3k miles (attached PDF) $3000 Weber 38/38 carb $250 Year: 1970 Make: bmw Model: 1600
  5. Set of 2 Advan 048 205/60/13 track tires, no flat spots...
  6. Hard to say, but it's a good place to network with people that may have one. The Miata people love to supercharge the car.
  7. http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Swap-Meet---949-Racing---Sat-April-20th--2013.html?soid=1102445029390&aid=hJKbG9aQ0YE Miata Parts Race Equipment Racing Sim parts and systems Free admission for buyers and sellers 8am to Noon Buy, sell, hang out! Please park your cars on street in front of shop -No servicing cars in lot -No tools loaned Our Website More About Us
  8. SoCal local pickup is fine or I can ship, let me know what you want...
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