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  1. Do you have longer numbers, 1972-1973, in stainless?
  2. EricB

    Street Build Starting

    Beautiful build. I really like the gauge cluster. Very similar to my build in a lot of ways. If you ever want to take any of your cars out to Oregon Raceway Park let me know. It would be fun to run with another vintage BMW on a club day out there.
  3. EricB

    First show in 3 Years

    Which rear fenders did you use on your build?
  4. thank you

  5. EricB

    Rota wheel question

    I have the had both an IE and a Massive big brake kit with Wilwoods inside Rota R20s.
  6. I have a heated windshield in my Sprinter van that is roughly the size of my 2002. I drive in constant fear of flying rocks. Can't be cheap to replace.
  7. EricB

    E46 ABS

    I have rear trailing arms that use E30 brakes, but all of the talk of hall sensors and tone rings is bringing me back to reality. Sounds like a little more than I want to bit off at this time. Thanks
  8. EricB

    E46 ABS

    Thanks for the info. He is aware that I own a 2002. I let him take a few laps on a track day at ORP so he understood what the car is. Easily is all relative and I am already pretty out of control.....
  9. EricB

    E46 ABS

    I was speaking with a local mechanic a few months ago who has made some Spec E46 race cars and he told me the ABS system is separate from the rest of the electronics and could "easily" be modified to go on a 2002 for a reasonable cost. Is this true and has anyone seen such a setup? I could not find anything with a quick search, although I feel a sense of deja vu as if I had previously asked this question.
  10. I had previously had Flofit seats in my car 25 years ago and they were great. Similar to Recaros.
  11. EricB

    Motion control suspension

    Looks great. I am excited to get my parts back and look forward to hearing about how it drives with a little softer springs.
  12. EricB

    Group 2 Highlights from Portland CRC 2018

    Great video! Do you ever run out at Oregon Raceway Park?
  13. EricB

    BMWCCA 2002 Tip Book

    I would very much like to get a copy as well. Put me at the back of the line, Thanks, Eric
  14. The most sought after 2002 is usually the one that you let get away before. Eric
  15. EricB

    Motion control suspension

    I just measured things and it is as snug as I would want it so the spindle would need to be moved out. I wonder if that would effect clearance or handling due to changes in track width. Hmm, ends up being a lot of variables....