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  1. I am doing a test post to see if this moves the blog up to current blogs. If not, I will do a separate blog on my new rear end and suspension.
  2. Sweet. I will be putting one in my new garage once it gets done.
  3. Mlytle, are you happy with your Bendpak lifts and would you buy another Bendpak if you were purchasing a 2 post lift? I am in the process of building a garage and have concrete thick enough for a lift, but it is hard to compare different brands over the internet.
  4. So somebody has got to step it up and put one of these in a 2002. According to the article it should be lighter than an s14.
  5. The build is gorgeous. Is the s14 a 2.5 liter?
  6. Congrats Coop. That sounds like the most ridiculous car oriented job I have ever heard of other than maybe the mechanic from New Mexico who got hired to manage Ralph Lauren's car collection. There are some gorgeous cars on the website. Thanks again for inspiring my M2 build and for the advice during the build.
  7. Is that really a Vilen B Haan door handle? Where did you find that? This seems like a perfect part to reproduce.
  8. Do you have longer numbers, 1972-1973, in stainless?
  9. Beautiful build. I really like the gauge cluster. Very similar to my build in a lot of ways. If you ever want to take any of your cars out to Oregon Raceway Park let me know. It would be fun to run with another vintage BMW on a club day out there.
  10. Which rear fenders did you use on your build?
  11. I have the had both an IE and a Massive big brake kit with Wilwoods inside Rota R20s.
  12. I have a heated windshield in my Sprinter van that is roughly the size of my 2002. I drive in constant fear of flying rocks. Can't be cheap to replace.
  13. I have rear trailing arms that use E30 brakes, but all of the talk of hall sensors and tone rings is bringing me back to reality. Sounds like a little more than I want to bit off at this time. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the info. He is aware that I own a 2002. I let him take a few laps on a track day at ORP so he understood what the car is. Easily is all relative and I am already pretty out of control.....
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