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  1. Thanks Mike, and the car I've owned for 44 years thanks you also! You are right Steve, I am lucky. Happy Thanksgiving
  2. Mike, would you please share your "removing sunroof panel without disturbing height adjustments" Thanks, Jack ([email protected])
  3. Thanks guys, been trying vintage autobahn for over a week without success but will keep it up. Also, couldn't figure out how to get this posted in "Parts Wanted"
  4. Looking for trapezoid passenger side mirror for my 73 2002
  5. My '73 needs some work on it's gearbox. Car is in Lexington, Ky. Anyone know of good mechanic in this area?
  6. Looking for rebuild kits for Solex DDH's manufactured in Germany; the part number is 4.03214.00. These are not the same as those manufactured in Italy and sold by Alfa1750 on Ebay. Found a supplier, "www.ruddies-berlin.de", but as of yet have not been able to communicate with him. My '02 is a 1973 that I have had since '75, she needs a carb rebuild and new seats. My Bilsteins are 20 years old but still feel tight; does this sound right? Anyone able to help me on this? Thanks, Jack
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