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  1. Awesome! Happy 50th Orange Car! Born Oct 20th ‘71, and bought new Feb 5th 1971, my parent’s Tii will be there soon.
  2. Sorry Nick, but it’s early 1800’s that have the 84x80. The late ones are short stroke big bore. 😘
  3. tjones02


    I believe that the fasten seatbelt warning system was an integral part of the original inertia belt system, that no ‘02 that originally came with spaghetti belts would have. My parent’s 0007 never had a fasten seatbelt pod, there’s a service bulletin here on the FAQ that @jgerockshared a while back that shows Tii’s changed from spaghetti belts to inertia reel at 2760049. I’ve worked on 0048 and can confirm that it had spaghetti belts originally. I would install inertia reel belts for anything that gets driven even in a semi regular basis, but, collect all the parts and pieces of the spaghetti
  4. Hi Samuel. I’ll post my same answer from Facebook as it’s save here and more easily searchable by others on the interwebs. Yes on all counts, mirrors, steering wheel and especially the silver grilles. It also very likely still had the chrome lower portions of the dash like a ‘67 and European market models. All 1600s had silver grilles from the beginning of production to the end. Among the four ‘66-68 1600-2s that I own or have owned is 1560847, which was born Oct 9th 1967. An email sent to the BMW Group Archive requesting info for your car will be replied to in a few days with the original color, birth date, if it was a USA market car; the date it was signed over to the Hoffman Motors agent to be imported. [email protected] Hope This Helps, Tom
  5. Someone shared this link to the file for 3d printable grab handle ends earlier this year either here on the NK forum and or on the Facebook NK Group. I don’t have access to a printer capable of the job, but would love a couple of the ends if someone I know does have some printed out. https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-120382
  6. I’m in the camp of shelving the emissions parts and like @Mike Self’s idea of making diagrams. In addition to keeping it for prosperity and in case you move to a state that requires it, if you were to ever Concours the car in a stock class it would be beneficial to have the equipment in place. I know that in the American collector car world there are say, restored ‘69 Camaro Z-28s that have all that stuff on, because it was there when new.
  7. Not all E30s had two mounting ears. And, there were indeed overdrive and close ratio 245s available in early E30 320i/6 and 323i’s. I suspect this is an overdrive 245 from an early E28 520i. The parts books even show 245/2 GE as available on E28 520i. Ignore the diagram in the parts link, the part number description is correct.
  8. @7502 Love the Ghia! A friend had his grandmother’s ‘62 in high school.
  9. Well, my ‘67 1600 was my first car, circa summer of 1993. Before that I learned to drive in my parent’s 2002tii, another 1600 and an 1800TI.
  10. If I could weld, I’d seriously think of buying up Tom Rafalski’s remaining shorty header parts stock and jigs to continue where he left off building his shorty headers. https://02again.com
  11. @Lengrep What has the BMW Group Archive said about the original color of your car? [email protected]
  12. Red orange primer, or red paint as in Verona?
  13. It’s actually quite hard to take a good photo of the turbocharger. It has to be done from underneath. Yes, that’s a bolt in the front engine lifting bracket. Not original.
  14. Fact Check: They all came from BMW with oil filter housing gaskets.
  15. @DFechner The inscription still on the autocross trophy of the Golden Gate Chapter of the BMWCCA: “Franz Fechner – 1935-1991 – Past Chapter President – Founder of the Chapter Autocross Program – Franz Fechner was a caring man and a true friend. He was an excellent mechanic and a talented driver. He loved the competition of the autocross and enjoyed the people involved in it. Those of us who knew him well are richer for the experience. We miss him. This trophy is in honor of his memory. We challenge all to try to win it. We know Franz would.“ Page 13... https://ggcbmwcca.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/bombe03janfeb.pdf
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