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  1. I seem to remember seeing a post for telling right from left. Something about laying the buckets on their backs and you could tell which seemed to point out or in. I'm lousy on getting the search function to work or I'd look it for you and tell you how to get there. Maybe someone else can chime in with some help rather than the usual blathe.r about use the search, don't kill the kittens. Pete
  2. If you decide to go with the BMW manifold would you be interested in selling the Canon and for how much. Thanks Pete [email protected]
  3. I found the threaded nylon adjuster tend to strip out. I just cut, drilled and tapped a couple out of some mild steel - aluminum bar stock would still hold a thread better than the stock nylon/plastic. There is a right and left bucket so that needs to be correct. The springs can easily be matched and replaced from the hardware drawers at a Denaults or whatever like store is handy. I painted my buckets up with a por 15 to keep the corrosion off. Get a good quality headlight and all in all an easy DIY project for good safe night driving. Pete
  4. Looking for a nos 1600 block. Cast pistons in overbore sizes not available so I'm looking for a fresh block that 84 mm pistons will work in. Jpparm @cox.net Thanks Pete
  5. Body work guys -what are you guys using to cut out rusty sheet metal - plasma cutter, nibbler, angle grinder, shears? Thanks Pete
  6. You got a new pump and you are selling your old one or you have a new pump you won't be using and are selling? Make of pump? Thanks Pete
  7. The original Saint series featured the 1800 as the Saint's ride
  8. I would like it. Shipping tp mission viejo, Ca. 92691. Figure shipping cost and how you want to be paid- Pay Pal? [email protected]
  9. Pete [email protected] I believe these are higher compression than standard 1600 pistons. For a 1968.
  10. I don't see an e mail in the profile for 503recheck and would like to see if 1600 engine still available in Portland. Tried responding to parts for sale post but haven't had a reply. Please contact at [email protected] Thanks Pete
  11. I need a 1600 bottom end. I just did a compression test on my 68 1600 and the numbers sucked. I had the head redone as I blew a head gasket so I'm good there. What are you looking to get for the bottom end? I'm in Southern Ca. so I'll need to figure out shipping though I may be fishing out of Klamath Falls (Williamson River) in June so a pickup could be in the cards. I had a rebuild 10 years and 30,000 miles ago but my mechanic didn't pull the engine - went in from the bottom and did rings. I guess that was a crappy way to go. My e mail is [email protected] Thanks Pete Parmenter
  12. I!ll buy it - $60 shipped. Tell me how you want paid. If it's Paypal let me know the e mail to use at [email protected] Thanks Pete
  13. Any of you guys pulling smog gear - I am looking for a smog pump and whatever brackets used. Would actually prefer a seized or similarly non working pump as I would like cheap. I am exploring the possibility of mounting a Sanden ac pump where the smog pump went. I took off and threw away the smog stuff off my 68 1600 so long ago I have no recollection of what it looked like. My 1600 doesn't have the lug bosses with bolt holes or even a spot to drill for for bolt holes short of drilling into the block to mount the faquer made Sanden brackets under the exhaust manny. Anybody have a dead Sanden compressor for my comparison that would be great also. It seems more logical to use the smog pump mounting and smog pulley given that I shouldn't ever have to smog my car again. Sorry to hijack the thread but it looks like there are 2 potential seller/donors right here. Pete
  14. Not used for anything on my car - 72 trailing arms Pete
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