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  1. Total shot in the dark here... I had a similar issue once, totally convinced something went amiss in my carburetor... long story short. It ended up being an electrical issue. Somehow the contact on my distributor rotor made contact with the inside of the cap. Bent the contact, and took a small chunk of cap out. It still ran (poorly), but it had very similar symptoms. Nevermind, I see you got it handled... cool
  2. Total shot in the dark.... Pull of your distributor cap and inspect inside. My car had a similar issue once, felt like the fuel filter plugged, not enough fuel kinda thing. long story short, the contact on the distributor rotor had mostly come off. It did very bad things to the contacts on the cap . But... still she ran (no idea how), barely... plus its an easy check.
  3. i wonder if this puts any sorta stress on the dash itself? I'm pretty anal about my (nearly) un cracked dash... but it's a cool idea.
  4. honest, i am not just picking on them because they are really dang ugly.....;- Those are some ugly wheels... to each their own.
  5. you should have no fluid in your booster.... unless your master cylinder is leaking... you will need a new MC, or get a rebuild kit... me personally.... i would invest in a new master cylinder.
  6. There is absolutely nothing I like about this....
  7. Yep, any decent auto parts store should have those, or can at least get them quickly...
  8. I went to my local Ace hardware and found many choices that would work.... Cheap and easy
  9. really you don't need anything else. Aside from the brackets themselves, the only real diff. is where the bumpers attach to the fenders... the hole location will different.
  10. Love my 38.... x2 on pierce manifolds.... solid folks
  11. one caveat with that plan, SS is very soft and easy to strip... been down that road....
  12. yep, i did the same thing.... money well spent.
  13. Don't overthink it... I cleaned mine and sprayed with a generic semi- gloss black, looks great even after 7yrs...
  14. napa02

    my stuff

  15. After owning my 02 for about 10yrs, driving it like my hair is on fire.... The man (CHP) finally pulled me over.... BUSTED!.... Doing 56 in a 45... oops. good thing I saw him, or It might have been worse... Thankfully, he was pretty cool about it... Just a warning (YES!)... But....... he did hit me with a fix it ticket for no front plate... grrr, Now where did I put that plate again?.... all said, I really cant complain..... Thank you Mr. CHP....
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