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  1. I have an Agave '73 tii. I'm not a very motivated seller, but every year I get a little closer to selling after garaging the car for 6 months. Maybe she would be happier back in SoCal where she came from... Send me an email.
  2. Nates -- Lemme play the infomercial shill here in case you're being conservative with the numbers... I can't remember the definition of stage 1, but wondering if your Dad's engine is stage 2 since it does have higher-compression pistons and head work? And that's 130 rear-wheel HP at 4k RPM, right, hence the "more on tap"? --Steve
  3. Nice car! Looking for 20 years? I'd say your patience was rewarded in spades. Almost sorry to see it leave the area, but looks like it found a good home. Enjoy! --Steve
  4. Just an attaboy for Evans Motorworks in Dayton: They found a tii alternator and a new voltage regulator same day (don't know how!) and got me back on the road. Armin and all were extremely gracious and went out of their way working late and looking in Columbus and Cincinnati for parts. Prices were in line with realoem, etc. and I was happy to have them do the installation while I worked on the computer and got food. Don't know how much a mention here counts to them, but you might want to check them out since they seemed to appreciate the older cars and the prices were fair. --steve
  5. I'm at the dealer and they say they'll have an alternator here in the next 1/2 hour or so. They're going the extra mile so far and if they can do it, I'm going to leave much "positive feedback" (and $$). Karl, Thanks. I sent you email. Hey Kris - didn't get your email, but thanks. If it was through FB, it's filtered by the firewall here. So... do you think I came out better or worse by missing [email protected] :-) --steve
  6. eurotrash - thanks for the info. I'm following up on those. I might be interested in your used tii alternator if nobody in Dayton has something close. sherman - you're right, an actual tii alternator may be a tall order. I will try your conversion suggestion if I get a new/reman alternator today. --Steve
  7. Another bad alternator, but not at [email protected] I'm at the dealer in Dayton, OH and they're saying it might take a couple days to get an alternator. Does anyone know a Bosch dealer or somewhere else in the area that might stock a tii-compatible alternator? --Steve
  8. Hi CD - These are supposed to be driving lights, so like the hi-beams they would NEVER be on facing oncoming traffic. I may or may not exhibit stupidity, thank you for mentioning, but my father taught me road manners back when there was such a thing. SO... Do you think those cut-offs are for fogs only or for driving lamps as well? I don't see them on new production Hellas. A friend generously gave these to me and said they were driving lamps, but I don't think he ever hooked them up. Is there a way to tell by the reflector shape or do I just need to get them hooked up and aimed and see if they light way down the road? --Steve
  9. Yep, that's exactly right. I think the clearance issue is more with the underlying frame in that area than with the extra padding, but you have the right idea. It might not hurt to make a little adjustment to the retaining clips but I think you're right to avoid drastically modifying the seat. --Steve
  10. Anyone else's old Hella driving lights have metal shields/diffusers that plug in around the bulbs? One of mine has it and the other doesn't. What are they for? Are they still available? --Steve
  11. Michael - you're right that there is a difference for the retractable belts. I have both mid and late rear seats for a roundie and can confirm this. It's just an additional small cutout in the back corner of the seat cushion. A parts vendor tried to describe it to me over the phone once and I too was confused at first. The earlier seat will still fit with the retractable belts; you'll just need to "finesse" it into place. You can also take some channel locks and gently re-bend the retaining clips or the seat frame itself, but it's basically a tool-free install if you don't mind wrestling with it a little. HTH, --Steve
  12. A couple of thoughts from my recent muffler install: get the factory rubber mounts. They're reinforced with a nylon belt. The aftermarket plain rubber ones are too stretchy. As mentioned, rotation is important. Rotating at the downpipe/center resonator will get the right clearance with the trannie tunnel and the saddle bend over the subframe. Then you can adjust the muffler for the right clearance to the rear valance/trunk floor (thinking about the pre-'75 right-side tailpipe exit, can't remember on the center exit.) The factory exhaust fits better and is less touchy in terms of rotating into place. If your exhaust lacks hangers anyway, might as well replace it with OE. HTH, --Steve
  13. Follow-up question that might answer Tom's as well - do the turbo seats have a tilt base or do they tip at the backrest hinge like all other '02 seats? I thought the seats that tilt like those in the picture were from the 911 (RS?) and their courtesy rear seats. A pair of those went on ebay.de for a couple thousand euros last week. --Steve
  14. So, I did the 5-spd conversion this summer and I got the slave cylinder to tunnel clearance 99% right, but that 1%... If I take off out of 1st just right (wrong?) I can still hear some rattling. We only have 5-6 months of good driving weather, so I put it off until winter. Now, do I really want to drop the gearbox again this winter or is there any way to get another 16th" or so with the trannie in place? Would a slide hammer from inside the car have any effect? Feeling lazy... --Steve
  15. Got some as a gift. Their service seems ok and shipping was timely. I believe all their mats are made-to-order and they don't accept returns, which is something to consider. One nit-pick: after asking whether my car was a standard or automatic (it's a tii, but fair enough - normal people wouldn't assume it's a stick) the cut-out around the pedal box is vertical, not angled like the factory mats. This creates a lot of material behind the pedal where I already have Dynomat and carpet underlay and it doesn't follow the line of the pedal surround in my carpet. Maybe they have to do it this way to keep the fibers from unraveling, but it's a little annoying. --Steve Edit: Sorry for the jack! To the original poster, your floor mats look awesome!
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