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  1. I do not have an afm but will look into it. Thanks for the input. When I receive the new idle jets, and they are all the same, I will do as suggested. Next week sometime. Thanks for taking the time to help.
  2. exact same as sam1904. Idles fine then when I attempt to drive, 1st gear bogs down, super lean at 2500, 2nd gear not much better but if I can feather the accelerator to above 3500 RPM then I can get to where I need to get but when RPM drop down and I gas, slightly or even step on it... nothing - no power, nothing. I can then get off accelerator and feather a bit to get some gas into into the system. I've got both carbs balance before I begin adjustments and airflow meter to make final adjustments.
  3. 😬 well.. it all started with what I thought was a bad fan belt so I asked my mechanic to put one aside and I would grab it on my way through town. The mechanics discovered that I had an air leak from a broken manifold bolt, lower below the water divider. I replace the broken bolt and did not realize that I needed smaller head 8m x 1.25 nuts an I eventually broke the ear off of the manifold. Called around, couldn't source 1 manifold of the redline kit that IE sells so I bought a 1 piece warneford. Those are a lot easier to install than the redline ones. I installed new linkage and seemed to get the car tuned very nicely but I noticed a slight bog in 5th gear, 3500 RPM while cruising. Thinking it would be an easy adjustment I proceeded to goober up everything and was luck to get home in 4th gear at 4000 RPM. I tried for days to set it back up to no avail. I finally connected with a redline rep who sourced a replacement for my broken manifold and proceeded to return the car to it's previous state. Tonight is when I noticed the idle jet problem, which hadn't been a problem until I looked for it... Ha! The only difference now is that I have a K&N fuel filter just forward of the firewall, replacing the standard bosch. I tried the K&N after the fuel pump, before the carbs but now I'm just trying to get back to 2 weeks ago when things were great! I've also tried 1 1/2 turns out on the mixture screw per redline rep's guidance and the car pops all over the place. Rep said when I change out the idle jets to 60's, 1 1/2 turns out should be perfect... I also noticed the venturi's were all lose and rattling around so I adjusted the screw without checking to see if they were still in the proper configuration. I'll check that next week...
  4. Sam1904 - Do you have an update on your situation? I'm running into the same issue, which is a new development after I was forced to replace my manifold. While I was at it, I replace my linkage, moved the fuel filter to after the mechanical fuel pump; and it's been a complete mess. I seem to balance at idle but then take it for a test drive and it bogs exactly as you explained at the top. The redline rep had me check my idle jets... 3 x 55, 1 x 45 oops... I'd love to hear how you're sorted it. Oh and this is after 2 years of driving with the new carbs, perfectly tuned and zero problems. Thanks!
  5. I had a similar issue with the clock spring rivet and had a buddy weld it and so far, so good. Here is what Mike Self sent me a when giving me his advise on how to deal with these buggers. Col 3 Nov 94.doc
  6. Not mine but I've purchased many parts from Allan - If you're looking for this upgrade for your 2002, give him a shout. Here's his CL posting. https://eugene.craigslist.org/cto/d/eugene-bmw-e21-320i-fleet-sale/7312511605.html Cheers, Carlos...
  7. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-bmw-2002-48/ This is insane! I guess our values have all increased...
  8. Man_Mark_7 - where is installed on your car? Before or after the fuel pump. I'm assuming mechanical fuel pump? Thanks!
  9. I've just used dynamat on my doors - works great and when I needed to get back into them for a repair, I just cut out a small section and then replaced it. works great!
  10. Maximillian has the Euro signals and Blunttech has the rear LED's.
  11. Can either of you show how they mount to the light and car? Mine are mounted to the bumper but with a new bumper ready to install, I would prefer not to drill and possibly mount them in the grill area. Thanks! Carlos...
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