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  1. mbb


    Great idea! I'll take 2 Fjord's. Thanks, Mike
  2. mbb

    camshaft tool

    PM sent.
  3. mbb

    MISC Parts

    PM sent on rear disc parts.
  4. mbb

    ST Front Swaybar

    Ben, I'll take it. Please confirm & I'll send a payment. Thanks, Mike
  5. Try the Unifilter kit from Pierce Manifolds. The Unifilter socks work good, just like the ones on dirt bikes. They slip over the short velocity stacks.
  6. Hello, when you get around to it, I could use a set for my '76, if you're headed for a group buy. Thanks for the effort. Mike in Oswego IL
  7. Looking for a reference for "low-buck" rear disc conversion for an '02. I've seen a couple of hints about 323 brakes and V-dub brakes but haven't tunneled into the whole story. Anyone steer me in the right direction? thanks.