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  1. Yes, foam filters require oiling. Same as the K&N I had on my 32/36. As I understand, trumpets smooth out the air flow into your intake. Smoother air flow means more air flow, and more air means more ability to burn fuel, and burning more fuel means more power. I'm sure others here can shed more light on how different length trumpets affect HP/torque/performance.
  2. Yup, UNI filters. Although I wish I didn’t have to. Look so good naked.
  3. This is how far out the upper hole was on the #1 intake that shares the stud for the water neck. He ended up welding a plug in the hole and machining it so it doesn’t look like crap. Almost complete!
  4. I spoke to David Griffith 1. When you buy a 45 DCOE carb/manifold kit, you shouldn't have to remove that much material to make it fit. David Griffith from Pierce agreed with me on that. He's going to modify the remaining sets he has on hand so they're right. That's why he wants an old head to use as a jig. 2. The holes are not cast, they're drilled after the fact. The machine shop simply got the centers wrong. Again, David will make them right. 3. My mechanic machined it to fit. I have an E30 water neck. It's the only thing that fits without needing to be modified. lol To say my mechanic is a perfectionist is a huge understatement. At least I know the install will be as close to perfect as it gets. 😁
  5. Here's an update. This is turning out to be a frustrating conversion. I'm glad I didn't attempt to do it myself in my garage. The first issue (which I previously mentioned) was the ID of the manifolds didn't match up to the carbs. That is, they were much smaller and the butterflies were actually prevented from fully opening. The scribe lines show how much material had to be removed in order for them to match up and work properly. The second issue is the hole centers are off by 1 mm which means the manifold won't slide over the studs on the head. One of the holes will either need to be elongated or drilled out (cylinders #'s 2, 3, and 4) in order for them to fit. Not exactly the proper way to do things. The third issue is the front manifold (cylinder #1) can't possibly fit as supplied. It should look like the stock manifold, in that there is clearance for the water neck. There should be a small cut-out for the upper stud. Not an actual hole with material around it. I spoke to Dave, the new owner of Pierce Manifolds. He was very apologetic. He told me the machine shop that made these manifolds has since gone out of business. He also said there is very little by way of documentation for the multitude of manifolds for all sorts of cars in stock. Something he's working on correcting. Dave asked if I know someone who would be able to ship him a junk 2002 head. He'd like to use for measurements so he can modify the 25 sets he still has in stock so they fit. Apparently he's shipped two kits this spring but they haven't complained. I suspect they haven't installed them yet. In the meantime, he's pulling the 2002 kit from his website. In addition to all that, the IE water bypass kit didn't bolt right on either. Had to be modified in order for it to fit.
  6. My dizzy was a little worn and the vacuum advance made it impossible to install the Pertonix. So I ordered a new tii dizzy with ignitor and mechanical advance from IE. I'll see how that works out when I get my car back with the 45 DCOEs.
  7. Thank you for sharing. That stupid wire put my buddy and I through hell. Figures it was the only thing we didn’t check, swap out, replaced. I certainly had no idea there was a resistor wire. And that it could fail. 🤬
  8. I didn’t see the wire. Car is at my buddy’s shop an hour away. He said the issue was the resistor wire that goes from the coil to the distributor. I found this thread. Hope it helps.
  9. I dream of the day Ontario does the same. Not that a silly little law has made put one on.
  10. My car first started with a stumble at idle and then it progressively got worse. To the point it sounded felt like it was running on 3 cylinders and sounded like a Subaru. The following parts were checked, swapped out or replaced one at a time in an effort to find the cause. - Complete valve job as compression was a little low in two cylinders. Leak down confirmed valves. - Coil - Dizzy cap - Rotor - Points - Condenser - Dizzy - Plug wires - Plugs - Adjusted timing - Float level 32/36 - Vacuum leaks Nothing made a difference. By that time, I acquired all the parts to do the 45 DCOE conversion. So I took my car to my mechanic, explained the issue and he said he'll need to sort out the issue before he installs the new carbs. Well, it didn't take him long. The problem was in the wiring, specifically the resistor wire that goes to the coil. The resistance was high which effective simulated a bad coil. I'm just glad he found it. It's going to feel like a completely different car when I get it back. So keep that in mind next time you have a misfire issue. Video of misfire. IMG_7991.MOV
  11. Thank you. She's 153 today but doesn't look a day over 139! 😉
  12. This was a good movie, as long as you can get past a 2002 sounding like it has a V8. lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM-AiVu4JDg
  13. I installed Koni shocks all around when I did my restoration in '86. To be honest, I'm not sure what model they are. The fronts have rebound adjustment by means of turning the adjuster at the top of the shock. The rears are non-adjustable. To compliment the shocks, I have Eibach springs, fronts have 1 coil removed and rear spring pads have also been removed. Adjustable camber plates up front, along with a Turbo front bar and Dinan adjustable rear bar. It's taken me a while to get the car sorted, but this combination is a great set up for both street/track performance. By adjusting the fronts, you can dial in as much understeer/oversteer as you want. Grip is provided by Bridgestone 195/50R15 RE-71R gummy bears. IMG_6724.mp4
  14. You're right, the AGM is better. That's actually what my friend was referring to, not Gel. They're sealed so they can be mounted in any position except upside down. Looking into the Braille B2317RP with the aluminum mount # 2318. Now if I can only find one locally (Toronto, ON). Edit: Found a smaller battery which fits nicely in the original location and clears the master cylinder.
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