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  1. Thanks Mike, took the words right out of my mouth. According to my tire guy, (who's one of the best in the business) most of the degradation comes from UV. If the OP's tires have been properly stored in a climate controlled environment, away from UV light, then there's no reason he can't get several more years out of them. Now if one is tracking a car, fresh rubber is always recommended. Overall, tires are so much better than they used to be. While you still see vehicles on the highway with flats from time to time, blow-out these days are few and far between.
  2. I know, I was amazed when I saw that. I would estimate about 65,000 miles. I wouldn't say those were exactly gentle miles either.
  3. Thanks, I'll look into that. I still have a couple things to do before I fire her up.
  4. I haven't had my motor apart since my late friend Bob McCallum and I did a complete rebuild 33 years ago. Another friend, John Moriarty and I pulled the head and I took it to Markus Glarner to have him do his magic. If you don't know Markus, he does some of the finest work you've ever seen. While it was apart, I figured I take the opportunity to add a few goodies. I ordered IE HD valve springs, HD rocker arms, rocker locks and a new billet 292' cam. Markus also replaced the valve guides which he tapered for better air flow. I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story.
  5. I was wondering if you got your 02 suspension as a kit or put it together. I know Ground Control uses Eibach springs and Koni struts/shocks. I have the   coilover kit with adjustable Konis on my e30 and love. Have H&R springs and Bilstiens on my 02 and hate it. Would like to switch  out to a similar setup like yours.


    Doug M

    1974 2002 L Jetronic ef

    1991 318is

    2002 325xit

  6. Mike, that's exactly what happened to mine. It was cranking over slower and slower and making a whining noise, caused by the armature rubbing on the windings. I bought a piece of bearing bronze and had it machined to replace both the existing bearing and plastic sleeve. My OEM starter is now good as new. Cranks over like a champ!
  7. Wheels: Panasport 15 x 6 ET 29 Tires: Bridgestone S03 - 195/50/15 Suspension: Eibach Springs (lowered approx. 1.5"), KONI Struts w/ adjustable fronts, adjustable Camber Plates, Ireland front Strut Bar, Urethane Bushings, Turbo Front Sway Bar, Dinan adjustable Rear Sway Bar. Front and rear lips are rolled up but not sure if they needed to be with this setup, no rubbing. Update: The above was my previous setup. I wasn't completely happy when I installed the adjustable camber plates. They raised the front so I had to install rear spring pads to level the body. That affected the handling. Perhaps the change in roll center made the car twitchy? Anyway, I removed the rear spring pads and cut 1 coil out of the front springs. That modification transformed the car. And since I've gone from Bridgestone S03 to RE-71R tires, the car is perfect. Those are the best tires I have ever had on a street car. The adjustable damping on the front KONI shocks allow you to dial in as much understeer/oversteer you want in a matter of seconds, with the turn of a knob. I spent last Monday (as I do every August) driving passengers around the infamous Mosport (now Canadian Tire Motorsport Park) north of Bowmanville ON. The Ride-Along event is called "Celebration of Speed" and is a fundraiser for the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame. We had over 40 drivers offering rides in a variety of cars. Everything from Scott Goodyear driving a McLaren 12C GT and a P1 (had to watch my mirrors for him) to all sorts of Porches, Audis, BMWs and a couple Ariel Atoms among others. My setup is now the ideal combination of street/track performance. After owning Sabine for 36 years, I've finally got her dialed in perfectly!
  8. Thanks... Maybe my camber plates aren't from Ireland after all.
  9. I've got Ireland adjustable camber plates, strut bar, Eibach springs (with one coil removed on the fronts and no spacers (shims) in the rear), Koni shocks, Turbo front bar, Dinan adjustable rear bar and 195/50 R15 Bridgestone RE-71R tires. It's set to maximum allowable negative camber and is just fine for both street and track. The balance and handling has never been better.
  10. Thanks for posting. So in other words, if you have tire/suspension upgrades, you enjoy spirited driving, have a seat-of-the-pants feel for your car and how different mods affect it, a strut bar is definitely a worthwhile addition. Like I said, I noticed a big difference when I installed mine the first time I took an on-ramp.
  11. Angled braces are better than nothing but the ones that go straight across are far superior. Although you'd have to replace the stock air filter with a K&N or something similar.
  12. That's what I was thinking. Either very poor setup or he's driving on hockey pucks for tires, or both. Way too much sawing on the wheel. What a handful. Imagine how quick it would be if it handled well...
  13. Have to agree with you Tom. Over the years I installed Koni shocks, Eibach springs (cut), turbo front bar, Dinan adjustable rear bar, urethane bushings, adjustable camber plates and Bridgestone RE-71R tires. The last thing was an Ireland strut bar. I immediately noticed the difference on the street. Night and day on the track. Not to mention it's stopped the little cracks where the nose meets the fenders. May have even prevented them had I installed the strut bar sooner. The key to a front bar is it's got to go straight across to be effective. Rear strut bar is not necessary.

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