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  1. Selling a set of 4 used pistons with stock connecting rods. Unknown mileage on them but appear to be very new and in excellent condition, manufactures markings still visible on top of pistons. 89.47mm which is first size for overbore. Comes w/ connecting rods and piston rings. Asking $300 US + shipping. Located in Surrey Canada
  2. 02tradiion, any updates on the parts?
  3. awesome--I'll pm u my address for shipping
  4. hello, I am looking for the hand brake mount and a 420hz horn. Shipping will be to BC thanks jake
  5. Need some help IDing these spring. Tried google but with no luck. We bought a project 71 02 and these spring were in the box, no other markings other than part numbers. Which is front/rear. Thanks Jake
  6. thanks Steve, big help. Jake
  7. anyone have a picture of a properly restored or original sand dollar gauge cluster. thanks
  8. 02jake


  9. looking for a emergency/4 way flasher switch for a pre 71 , the one that is on the left side of the dash. 2 complete license plate light assemblies thanks
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