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  1. I've used Hayward for about 30 years, He has a web site and does posting on Facebook. Easy to work with and one of good guys.
  2. I use a starter battery from a Mercedes 500SL. fits right in and is short enough so the snorkel fits
  3. Hayward performance just finished our head. Sent me this teaser. Jenvey intake with EFI.
  4. Rad is for a 71 standard trans. would prefer something local. Must be rebuildable. thanks Jake
  5. thermostat, make sure no air pockets
  6. one our 71 there is a ground screw on the top of the a pillar. You have to remove the black covering to get at it--ours is a non sunroof car
  7. nice sunny day today. Pushed the outside
  8. we bought this for my son, just over two years ago with hopes of finishing it in a year. Wish full thinking on our part. Progress has been slow but steady.
  9. we have a early 71 with a 3 piece dash. looking for left and right end caps. also for the driver side plastic door sill cover thanks
  10. Mike has some good advice. I had a similar issue with my 72tii. It would start normally when cold. after some city diving I would shut the car off, come back it would not start. Wait a couple of hours and it would start as normal.. Check all the basics, fuel flow, fuel pres. spark, nothing seamed amiss. Pulled plugs soaking wet. Lost trust in the car. My son takes it out one day and this time could not get it started. Put the car in the shop, changed plugs, pertronix and coil, fuel filter. Still same problem flooding. Pull plugs and they are soaked. Got Tyler to help, did a compression test #1,2 normal, as we got to #3 dead battery. That's odd had no indication the battery was bad. Pulled it out put it on a charger o/night. Next day tried the compression test same thing. Installed a new battery started right up, set the timing and it hasn't skipped a beat. Did some google research and there is some info on the early pertronix being battery voltage sensitive. Hope this helps. Jake
  11. well if its on the internet then it must be true. thanks for the input
  12. we are starting to install the head liner in my sons early 71 non sunroof 02. What is the purpose of the card board by the rear window. I have a 72tii with sunroof and I don't recall it having the cardboard. I read the article on installing, it does mention the cardboard but doesn't say why it's there. thanks Jake
  13. I'm looking for a salt and pepper carpet set for a 71 manual shift. Could you pm me thanks
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