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  1. DakarDoug

    Spare Parts list

    Don't forget the trusty repair manual!
  2. Since relocating my battery to my trunk, I have had bad luck with my battery...I have gone through 2 Optima Red as well as an aftermarket one. I realize that I probably need more CCAs with the added cable distance so wondering what battery those of you who have moved battery to the trunk use. Appreciate the help.
  3. Thanks. I received an email today Germany stating that my car rolled off the line on September 12, 1969 and was originally colored Nevada.
  4. I know this is probably out there somewhere but I can't find it. Years ago I requested the manufacture specifics on my 2002. Can't recall where I sent this to but I know I did receive an email back with the date my 2002 rolled off the line in Germany. Anyone know where I can find this info again? I used to post happy birthday to my car on the old site but that info is no longer available. Thanks.
  5. Same as those above, how to RSVP? I will be there at Coco's at 0930 regardless of my RSVP status.
  6. DakarDoug

    Horn Button Help

    Mike, great idea. Will keep that in mind if I can't locate the 55 mm button.
  7. Sorry guys, I posted this in the Parts Wanted section and didn't get any hits so thought I would try here. I have an Oba steering wheel and I am looking for a replacement horn button. The opening diameter of the wheel is 55 mm and all I have been able to find are standard 2" horn buttons. Any ideas where to source a 55 mm horn button? Appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide.
  8. DakarDoug

    Horn Button 55 mm opening

    Hi all, I have an old Oba steering wheel with a 55 mm opening for a horn button. Anyone have one they are selling or know where I can locate one? I have seen a lot of 2" ones but my opening is roughly 2 1/8". Appreciate any help you can provide.
  9. OK guys, need your help. Who is selling the inserts that go into the 2002 filler neck for easier filling up? I am so tired of spilling that expensive gas all over the place. I really need one. Thanks in advance. Doug
  10. DakarDoug

    Lunch And A Drive?

    Robert, Don’t think I will be able to make it but thanks for putting this together. I will try hard to make the next drive. Have fun. Doug
  11. DakarDoug

    Orange County Group Ii

    Not sure if I will be able to make this event. Still undecided as of now. Anything firm yet on meet time?
  12. DakarDoug

    Orange County Group Ii

    Nice turnout today. Can't wait for the next get together.
  13. DakarDoug

    Orange County Group Ii

    I haven't heard from anyone else but I plan on being at Hero's today at noon.
  14. DakarDoug

    Orange County Group Ii

    I am in! After the last drive, I think my contact info got mixed up. My cell is 949-677-9971. See you guys on Sunday at Hero's.
  15. Is it necessary to remove the transmission when adjusting the clutch? Thanks.