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  1. just fyi i'm simply arranging with offers in the order they were made, so to anyone who emailed me i'll reply if it's available for you and the next persons car is in southern california, and only interested in local pickup thanks
  2. **** WARNING: **** 1)DO NOT RESPOND TO ME THINKING THIS IS GOING TO BE AN EASY PROJECT. I'VE ALREADY CLEARLY WRITTEN THAT THE CAR NEEDS AN UNGODLY AMOUNT OF WORK 2) CAR INCLUDES E21 SPORT WHEEL, DOES NOT, NOT, NOT INCLUDE NARDI WHEEL IN PICTURES IDEAL CANDIDATE HAS ACCESS TO A DRIVEWAY/AUTO SHOP, AND TOOLS, AND A LOT OF TIME. hey guys, i'm letting go of my car to anyone interested there's a lot of stuff wrong with it... probably more than there are things working left rear bumper is tucked in, and some folding over tire well rust hole on passenger front fender near lower section close to door divide cracked windshield sunroof cables are broken headliner torn near sunroof, and rear driver side pillar headliner hanging off more and more rear glass is clear/no defrost hood paint is cracked and flaking and exposed/rusted in a couple good (bad) sized spots in the front dent in roof above b pillar driver side from a falling palm frond, looks repairable passenger seat locking latch piece broken off window regulators don't work / driver side definitely should be tossed car has hole in rocker on passenger side engine is screwed... 1 cylinder with a cracked ring, and now running on just 2 cylinders (last time i started it) solex single barrel carb needs to be rebuilt transmission shifts fine but sounds like there are bad bearing(s) - noise while idling, etc. e-brake cable shroud partially detached from body, so causes rattling noise while driving basically the good things about the car: e21 sport wheel in nice shape, solid floors, good radiator, good heater box & valve, folder full of service records. original service record book full of service stamps original driver manual (water damage), original Huf key, and orig Huf foldable key. locking gas gap. comes with boxes of misc parts from a '74, some red center lens parts (orange centers currently on car), a spare front windshield gasket, and partially sealed rear window gasket. good tires on original steel wheels with scuffed up caps feel free to ask questions. i can post some pics in the next few days. not looking for a lot on this at all - definitely under 1,000 zip file of (outdated) pics: http://www.mediafire.com/?nz0mwu2ds9bx93u car is sitting in a carport in laguna woods, ca
  3. i heard they might be alpinas i googled numbers and this came up: http://cgi.ebay.de/BMW-E3-E9-E12-Alpina-Felgen-Alufelgen-BMWfelgen-6-5x14-/290481623577 maybe same kind ? looks like may be off e23 7 series? im not sure
  4. can someone tell me about these ?
  5. I need to get my 325e head worked on, and i'm looking for a reputable shop in Newport/Costa Mesa area, or nearby that can do it for a good price looking to get new guides, seats, etc, and machined down cause it may have been warped any ideas for a shop & possibly estimate? thanks
  6. wouldn't the car still be able to at least run w/ a cracked ring? it's possible this car has around 100k on it in dec 2008 a mileage recording was at 94747, and it has been sitting since feb/march i don't think the owner drove it long distances, so maybe 100-110k on it??? take a look at the pictures if you could.... the first 4 are from after i wiped up the cyl wall http://s937.photobucket.com/albums/ad211/ryanfromthehb/325es1986/
  7. head is now off- surprising news.... gasket is not blown! huh? using a mac compression test gauge that possibly is on the fritz... the numbers were between 120-135 for cyls 1-5, and cyl 6 measuring around 60 psi i should have checked the valves first... but i'm going to have a shop inspect the head anyway also, on the lower side of the thermostat housing a hose connecting there had the nipple broken off??? i'm assuming this is the cause of some overheating the timing belt is old as hell and cracking but didn't manage to snap, thankfully
  8. not bad for $50, huh? seems the trunk had in it a new timing belt, water pump, tensioner, oil filter, and a set of brake pads all around. just prepped the manifold tonight before taking the head off in the next couple days
  9. nno, no, no.... None of that. a look in the truck tells me there's a new belt/pump/tensioner, new brake pads, spare headlites and the previous hose set... guess I'm already near prepared for the job $50 !!!!
  10. well what do you know.... Something managed to present itself to me in these past couple of days..... a 1987 325es white 5 spd with.... Wait for it... A blown head gasket was offered to my brother by a former acquaintance..... And now it's mine! ....for $50!!! no major body damage,but needs some work of course rarely do I find fortuitous events such as this occur in my life.... Can't wait to spin it around
  11. HAHAHAHAAHH WOW that's crazy the ending is soooooooooooooooooooooo nuts
  12. oh you're right next to that jalama beach campground great place & i need to go back
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