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  1. Yup 002 is tii...anyone? Price negotiable
  2. Used distributor, with Allison ign , shaft is tight....I believe # is for Tii but maybe you can clarify. 150 delivered cont US please email me at [email protected]
  3. 3.64 limited slip, e36 carrier, large flange, late 320 axel for CV’s $800. 318i injection parts, complete system $200 plus shipping, plenty of individual parts email to [email protected] thanks Al Taylor
  4. I always have 318 injection parts and Volvo ecu’s....Complete e30 318i system $200, I am located NC so not sure where you are but shipping can be$$$$$$ email me [email protected]
  5. Hubs with all studs and bearings, backing plates, good used rotors, core calipers, all $10 each plus shipping from NC 27305 please email to [email protected] thanks Al Taylor
  6. Bilsteins, 200 for set of 4, or $150 for just the front or rear pair plus shipping from NC 27305 please email me at [email protected] thanks Al Taylor
  7. $100, plus shipping from 27305 [email protected]
  8. Hi bavman, is the ‘73 2002 still for sale?

  9. I saw a couple of these on early 2002's at The Vintage....good looking mirror. I do not have the base, chrome on stem has very slight pitting. Mirror itself is good $35 delivered CONT US The only way to contact me is [email protected] Thanks Al Taylor
  10. BMW 318i 1984-85 Injection systems and parts, these are for M10 engines, not the later M42/44. Complete systems $300. Individual parts: Harness $100 ECU $50, have volvo ECU's also! Intake with throttle body TPS and injector rail with injectors $100 Water neck with all sensors $40 Idle control valve and control unit $50 Distributor $50 Coil $20 Relay pack $40 Cold start injector $20 Air Flow Meter $50 Dont see it listed, ask... Please email me directly [email protected] Items priced plus shipping from NC 27305 Thanks Al Taylor
  11. Hello Josh I have to deliver a transmission to Lancaster mid June...I have a decent straight hood with bad silver paint $100 that I could bring with me. Email me at [email protected] Thanks Al Taylor
  12. Hello What year? is it one pocket or folding 2 pocket? I have both....you can email me at [email protected] Thanks Al Taylor
  13. Center rear bumper section from a 67. Nice chrome, not perfect but very useable. $200 delivered Cont US. Please email me at [email protected] Thanks Al Taylor
  14. One single Alpina 13x5.5 bi-metal alloy/steel riveted wheel. Listed in the Wheel FAQ. Have had this for years, always wondered what it was as a factory center cap fits....brought it to vintage and a couple of folks looked at it, looks Italian which makes sense as Borrani made it. Painted white, needs refinishing, no Boranni or Alpina cap. $200 delivered CONT US Thanks Al Taylor

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