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  1. Bavman25

    Ti distributor

    Bosch 026 ditributor from 1967 2000Ti 150 delivered cont us email me at
  2. Bavman25


    Front subframes with both tow hooks intact, understand that when the tow hooks are torn off this sometimes starts a crack that runs to the strut rod bushing cap...not a good idea to use a cracked subframe especially on a modified car. Fronts $100 plus shipping from NC 27305. Rear Subframes $75 p shipping from NC 27305 If interested email me at Thanks Alonzo Taylor
  3. Bavman25

    WTB Behr ac console

    Dang....glad I don’t need AC. Alonzo Taylor
  4. Bavman25

    WTB: 0231 115 045 Ign distributor

    I have some of those early distributors email me at. thanks alonzo taylor
  5. Bavman25

    Wanted: Early Grille Set

    Email me at, I have grills from a 73 and some earlier ones also
  6. Running motor in 74 with e12 head and mech advance dist, Weber $1500, can shoot video of it running and do compression test. Sunroof clip from 1971 $500 please email to, replies here may not be seen for a month!
  7. Bavman25

    1971 gauge cluster

    Complete cluster from 1971, shows 98k, sorry for the bad photo, raining out and inside my van... spent day chopping up this 71, many other parts email to thanks al taylor
  8. Bavman25

    Sunroof clip, parts

    Email corrected, will have to take apart the car with incomplete sunroof...but doubt I have that part in good shape
  9. Bavman25

    Sunroof clip, parts

  10. One single factory alloy wheel $50 plus shipping, will remove tire for shipping If you want this wheel you must email me at Thanks Al taylor
  11. Bavman25

    Sunroof clip, parts

    Chopping up an early sunroof car this Friday, anyone want the roof clip? Located NC. Please email me ...also if you need any parts from a 1969 send specific requests. Thanks Al Taylor
  12. Hi bavman, is the ‘73 2002 still for sale?

  13. Bavman25

    73 parts or restore

    Verona red, sunroof, 4 spd. Pretty dang original with soles, air cleaner, bumpers , correct grills. Car has good nose and as far as I can tell drivers frame rail, is crusty elsewhere. Candidate for driver restore but will have to see how complicated to get title, owner passed away 2weeks ago. Dont really want to chop this up, 1500. Al Taylor ;
  14. Bavman25


    Can anyone ID these consoles? I am pretty sure the long one is late 2002, have extra side also...short one may be early euro e21? All for sale $100 each Please email Thanks Al Taylor
  15. Bavman25

    PVGP parts delivery

    I am planning to be at the PVGP in a couple weeks...anyone that needs anything big/heavy now is the time. Have parted several 2002's over the years...some things come to mind: 121TI head 1986 casting 1.8 heads 6 series rear seats sunroof panel in malaga late front fenders any glass late nose 318i fuel injection system or parts If interested in any of the above parts, delivered to Pittsburgh, drop me an email at