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  1. Bavman25

    19mm front swaybar

    Used bar, have hardware, brackets, plus shipping from NC 27305. You can email me at Thanks Al Taylor
  2. Manual trans pedal box from a 67....seem to remember someone looking for one?? Located NC, $100 plus shipping Please email me at Thanks AlTaylor
  3. Bavman25

    Tested fuel sender

    Just tested today, was in a 73. $80 includes shipping cont us. You have to email me at. Thanks Al Taylor
  4. Bavman25

    Dogleg transmissions

    2 “dogleg” transmissions available. Tested getrag with driveshaft $3500. ZF $1100, will come with bellhousing but may need intermediate plate for mounting. Located NC/Va but delivery arranged most anywhere that there is a race track nearby. The best way to contact me is via email. Thanks Al Taylor
  5. Bavman25

    25 years of bmw parts

    yes, even the parts inside are wet, has been raining for a year straight. Again, email to
  6. Bavman25

    M10 crank pulley

    This? have can have the best of the lot...
  7. Bavman25

    25 years of bmw parts

    Inventory? Have you ever been to an old school junkyard? Not exaggerating that I have parted 1000 There are expensive programs that help with inventory but not really aimed at classic, hobbyist business and only as good as the person entering the info. How many 3.64 LS’s do you want? would give a discount for quantity, could do 3 or 4. Vince gets the low mileage one as he already responded. Finally got some photos uploaded. 5.88 longneck diff, like the one Sam ran at Pittsburgh $400, used what should be 1600ti pistons $100 set. Again, email to
  8. Bavman25

    25 years of bmw parts

    Hello folks.....I requested emails as I do not have internet or I phone etc....please understand that when I am able to get online, really can only check my email on a regular basis. Hell cannot even upload photos here as whatever service I have had the last 2 days is weak.
  9. Bavman25

    25 years of bmw parts

    Seems I have fallen off the map. I have parted about 1000 bmw’s over the last 25 years. If you are looking for parts you can email me at: You need to make specific requests. Give me the information about your car so I can see if I can help you. Thanks Al Taylor
  10. Bavman25

    Control Arms

    Front or rear? I have both located NC... email to Thanks Al Taylor
  11. Bavman25

    M10 crank pulley

    Hello I have some single groove pully’s....but do not look like the one pictured....Would sell for $50 delivered cont us. If interested please email me at Thanks Al Taylor
  12. Bavman25

    Ti distributor

    Bosch 026 ditributor from 1967 2000Ti 150 delivered cont us email me at
  13. Bavman25


    Front subframes with both tow hooks intact, understand that when the tow hooks are torn off this sometimes starts a crack that runs to the strut rod bushing cap...not a good idea to use a cracked subframe especially on a modified car. Fronts $100 plus shipping from NC 27305. Rear Subframes $75 p shipping from NC 27305 If interested email me at Thanks Alonzo Taylor
  14. Bavman25

    WTB Behr ac console

    Dang....glad I don’t need AC. Alonzo Taylor
  15. Bavman25

    WTB: 0231 115 045 Ign distributor

    I have some of those early distributors email me at. thanks alonzo taylor