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  1. Just pulled a 245 from a car showing 140k miles, 3 bolt flange $1000 3.64 lsd $800 drivers side recaro from 320iS vinyl complete core seat $200 Not going to ship the transmission, delivery can be arranged depending on my travel schedule. Best to contact me via email. 324tdi@gmail.com Thanks Al Taylor If you do not know me you can google Al Taylor BMW No photos here so maybe they will not show up on some scammers craigslist ad.
  2. Bavman25

    Manual pedals

    So only one person can offer the part someone is looking for? I was unaware, excuse me. Al Taylor
  3. Bavman25

    Manual pedals

    Two pedals and related hardware, $50 delivered cont us email to 324tdi@gmail.com thanks al taylor
  4. I have plenty of them from my 2000 parts cars, $20 each, you can reach me via email at 324tdi@gmail.com Thanks Alonzo Taylor
  5. If you still have the E12 head I am inteerested and I am in WinstonSalem NC.

  6. 3 Recaro seat brackets, $50 each plus $8 shipping cont us email to 324tdi@gmail.com Thanks Al Taylor
  7. I should have one out of the NK parts cars, may be a week beforeI can eyeball, please email to 324tdi@gmail.com located VIR Thanks Al Taylor
  8. I have one for $340 pressure tested, located NC shipping probably $35? you can email me at 324tdi@gmail.com Thanks Al Taylor
  9. Pictured are center caps for 14 inch e30 S package BBS alloys, $40 each Delivered cont us or $100 set. I have plenty of 14x6.5 BBS in stock, priced $50 each and up. 15x6.5 BBS RX and 15x7 RX in various offsets from et24 to et41. Email to 324tdi@gmail.com for photos but please make specific requests, I have over 1000 wheels so am not going to post or email a photo of every one. I also have lots of odd singles of bbs copies like oz, msw. Thanks Al Taylor
  10. Yes I have some...324tdi@gmail.com.....but doen’t Ronnie have some over in Pompano? Al Taylor
  11. Drivers side swan neck mirror $100? Or offer Limited Slip 3.64 Differential, large hole stubs with late 320 to convert inner cv’s $800 Close ratio 5 speed, fully functional $3000 or offers. The only way to contact me is at 324tdi@gmail.com Thanks Al Taylor
  12. I think I have 3 of the rings....anyone have a photo? my email is 324tdi@gmail.com, am away Till Monday though
  13. Bavman25

    E30 Bottlecap

    I have new ones, $75 each plus shipping, you can email me a 324tdi@gmail.com
  14. Yup 002 is tii...anyone? Price negotiable
  15. Used distributor, with Allison ign , shaft is tight....I believe # is for Tii but maybe you can clarify. 150 delivered cont US please email me at 324tdi@gmail.com
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