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  1. Hi Todd,



    Are you still interested in an anniversary badge?



    I have just green available, get in touch if you want to buy one.



    Take care,



    Mo Faraz



  2. Hello, I'll take them. Best, Todd *let me know how you prefer payment
  3. The euro bumper set up is a lot like the '71-'72 US bumper set up. The main difference being the rear bumper has the chrome clamp covering the seams where the corner pieces connect to the center piece(rather than the bumperettes) and bumper mounted registration lights. The only difference in US '73 bumpers is the front mounting brackets extended the bumper forward a bit more off the nose to account for better impact/collision per DOT. The front/rear side markers are US spec as well. The euro set up has a interesting license plate holder for their more long & narrow plates. It seems that somehow sourcing that item and mounting the US plate onto would be the finishing touches in trying to duplicate the "look". *CEYLOVE pic shows what we don't see in the factory schwartz car pic.
  4. I've been fixated on this photo for a while now. I figured that it was schwartz and that the lighting/editing of the photo changed the color just slightly. I had no idea there was a slightly different shade black. Thanks Lars Euro spec=to subtract is to add
  5. Hello, I am curious to know which company you used and the experience. I am looking into shipping a '75 from KS to CA. Best, Todd
  6. Thanks for the detective work & positive ID. I suspected the stock wheel due to the apparent eight cutouts in the pictured wheel. It just seemed like the holes were too small and more steel between holes in the photo. Certainly the photo with the wheels in motion has an effect on that though its just more than I was willing to assume. So now I am assuming that these are the same steel wheels in this attached photo. I haven't seen or heard of different steel wheels for late model european 02's.
  7. Any ideas which steelies these could be? TIA, Todd
  8. It appears that there is a chance of sourcing this through Blunttech. I had only checked with BMW Mobile Tradition. I'll update the thread as this unfolds. Thanks for your response Esty. Can you enlighten us with the name of the product you used?
  9. Hello Faqers, I am purchasing a '75 2002 and so looking into moving from '74-'76US spec to '71-'73US/Euro spec bumpers. I've been on the lookout for some time now to pick up used parts and have found the chrome pieces. My dilemma is that the rubber strip for the front corners and rear is NLA. I don't suppose anyone is aware of a way to source this part? TIA, Todd

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