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  1. Low battery voltage can cause that to a Bosch starter. It happen on my car , had to hurry and disconnect the batt cable. very old starter was smokin hot due to the amp draw.
  2. And the chock flap must be open when engine is warm otherwise the carb will cause rich condition due too not enough air.
  3. The cam looks dry and needs Lube , If you do not have dist lube I would use wheel bearing grease . Had ticking noise years ago and the lube stopped the noise and wearing down the points rubbing block.
  4. Yeah $4500 in 1984 for 1972 2002 sounds like a hard sell. Back in 1984 Phoenix Arizona I bought 1977 BMW 320i (E21) near low blue book price $5500 with A/C, auto trans, shiny red paint and 80k miles. In the $ 6,000 price range new 1984 Civics, Sentras, Corollas were available.
  5. With Spark plugs removed oil pressure build up takes less time with starter cranking over. Crank journal and bearings must be lubed prior to assembling. You could or should pour oil into oil pump before install.
  6. If the front springs give the car a lower ride height the camber goes negative and can result in faster wear on the inner tread section. A solution is to slot the holes of the top mount bolts of the strut to move the strut towards the fender to get back some positive camber and closer to factory camber specs.
  7. Loose carb mounting equals vacuum leak. The Low Speed Circuit a.k.a. idle circuit might be blocked not allowing gas to flow due to crud and needs to be clean out.
  8. Sounds like 2 dead cylinders. With engine at idle pull plug wire off one at a time and you can notice the difference.
  9. My square tail light car has tubes going to rear wheel well above the tire . The tube is not poking out, the drain hole is flush on the arch. The hole is inline with the axle nut for visual reference. Tube not visible from the trunk area.
  10. Are the vacuum canisters on the side of dist in work order.
  11. Those factory lock nuts are oval shape at the end to make it lock.
  12. Here is another photo instruction courtesy of our FAQ member C.D. Diesel
  13. Search the net = how to remove .. I have seen a few different techniques . results seem to vary depending on how sticky or old the tint is . home depot may have a steamer to rent, people use it to remove wall paper.
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