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  1. I found this watching the Speed Academy vids and thought some may find it interesting.
  2. I found the invoice for my linkage pieces. Okay, the horizontal bar, the 2 adjustable arms and the return spring are from a Weber linkage kit that can be found lots of places. Many of you probably have bits and pieces of one on a shelf like I did. If you look closely you will see that the 2 pieces holding the horizontal bar where they attach to the manifold are female. I tried to find some with the proper male threads, but couldn't. I just threaded in a stud with some loctite (added a nut for extra security) and then threaded the female pieces onto the studs. The ball joint ends make for a very smooth action. I got the female pieces from McMaster-Carr. They are part #60645K92 ($4.86 each)
  3. stubynyc - Thanks for the link to that post, I hadn't seen that one. Lots of good info. This thread has given me motivation to figure this out. I travel a lot for work and driving an Accord is not much fun at all. I need my 02 to be driveable again!! So that said, I ordered a new water neck/divider/diverter piece today. I also ordered some new idle jets. I will get those installed and see how it goes. I will hold off on the venturis til then. Interesting JerryB2002 installed a choke cable. I am not opposed to it. I had one on a '68 2000CS and it sure started nicely. I may look into that. I'll post a pic of my throttle setup. I found some fittings that fit into the tapped holes on the manifold and then just modified a DCOE linkage with return spring I had on the shelf. I think it was from Korman.
  4. I am working to get this same setup going on my car. I have a similar setup to Mark92131 - high compression pistons and a 284 cam, Stahl headers, electric fuel pump in the trunk. I went with the out of the box set up and need to play with it some more. It is very hard to start and keep a smooth idle. At first it bogged down when at WOT but I seem to have dialed that out mostly. I think I will try the 65F8 idle jets and see what that does. I did not like the cable linkage and modified a top mount DCOE linkage to work that I had on the shelf. Nothing I found out there was plug n play. Haven't really had the chance to play with it much because the water neck I have (one with 3 ports) leaks around one of the senders and I'd like to cure that first. I need to see if I can find another water neck (in case mine is cracked).
  5. Brand new, still in the package, red. Upgrade part. This heavy-duty urethane steering coupler is a must for performance and race cars, and is a great replacement for worn-out factory couplers. Fits all 2002, E9 coupes, E3 Bavaria's, E21 3 series, E30 3 series, E12 and E28 5 series, all E24 6 series and E34 5 series cars. DOES NOT FIT E36 or later. $15 shipped to lower 48.
  6. I am selling a 3.91 LSD with drilled flanges and spacers from Aardvark or Top End (can't remember). Ready to bolt in to your 2002. I have held on to this for a future project (my car and Dad's car both have LSDs) but I no longer need it.
  7. Tan seats will need to be recovered as the foam is a little wonky in spots. Frames are good and I will take pics of straps underneath. Excellent candidates to send to Aardvark for recovering or a local shop. Stebro exhaust is all stainless. Made in Canada I believe. Not sure they make them anymore, but is very good quality. I had to play with the rear hanger some to get it to align right, but most exhausts are that way. It is slightly louder than a Supersprint, but not obnoxious. Has a nice burble to it. I prefer the lower tone of my Supersprint so I put it back on. Doing family stuff tonight, but will provide more info/pics in the morning.
  8. Also have the following parts. Pricing to follow or throw up an offer and I'll bring it...
  9. Fully adjustable camber plates. I believe these are Top End. Never installed. $300 I will have more soon...
  10. Continuing my parts clean-out to fund another project, here we have a set of racing adjustable camber plates never installed. I believe these were from Top End Performance. New ones will be $340 + shipping. Let's do $300 shipped.
  11. My love affair with another German car has forced me to sell some goodies. First up is a set of powdercoated 2002tii struts. These are super clean and ready to bolt up. All the threads are clean and everything was taped off when coating.
  12. Okay, finally got the time (and the garage wasn't freezing) to play around with the car today. I installed a set of Uni pod filters on the velocity stacks that came with the Weber 45. They fit well and I know will have proper filtration. Got the car started and warmed up and got the following: At idle the wideband fluctuates around 12-13.5. It doesn't seem to sit steady, but that could be the fact I got the readout instead of the gauge and it fluctuates more. When I go to FOT the car bogs down immediately and the read-out jumps to 19 (this is lean correct?). The car will die if I hold it. So...what to do next? If lean, then up the fuel pressure?...it is at 3psi now.
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