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  1. I stumbled across another possible solution by accident. Someone sold me a set of NK struts and told me they were Tii. I sent them straight to the restoration shop and didn't look at them very closely. The spindle looks to be the same as a Tii, but the housing is shorter and the tube is larger. It's been a while, but I think I determined at one point that I could use a koni 8610 (?) shock with these housings. I set them back for the "next" project. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/121892-bilsteins-in-boge-tii-struts/#entry122406
  2. Beware of tlchd74. He shipped me NK strut housings instead of Tii strut housings. Tried to contact him afterwards and he would not return my e-mails. He got to me for $350.
  3. That's scary. If this seller presented himself a little better, put a little more effort into the krylon undercarriage restoration, put a little effort into cleaning the interior and underhood, and then took some nice pictures, he could make twice as much. I doubt he clears $6k with this representation, which is still way more than it's worth.
  4. China has also violated several provisions of fair trade. Not to mention that they do not allow their currency to fluctuate. They need to be stopped, and it will only be done by boycotts. I actually had a customer complaint from a customer in China that accused us of selling them a product made with knock off Chinese fasteners. The complaint actually said that they purchased an American product and expected it to not be made with Chinese components. Just ask any US company that has had to go to court over a failed Chinese knock off of their part. Wasted hundreds of thousands fighting a false claim only to have the Chinese government do nothing to stop the manufacture of fake goods. Ask them why people bash China. To the original poster, I'm glad you started this thread, many people feel as you do. I encourage you to research Chinese trade practices, copyright infringements, environmental and humanitarian violations, and see if you still feel like it is a good option to have these low priced goods.
  5. I don't think this car gets out much. I've heard of it, but I've never seen it around.
  6. He has it listed in the Tulsa World for 9500. He's been trying to unload it for quite some time.
  7. Actually I was looking for the M12 bolts. I couldn't make out the diagrams on RealOEM this morning to make sure I was looking at the right fasteners. Thanks for the link to BMWfans website, their diagrams are more legible. I needed the M10 bolts also, they are apparently stored somewhere safe with the M12 bolts. Sorry for the confusion about the subframe, it is referred to as rear axle carrier in the parts list. Thanks for the replies.
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