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  1. New member in Chicago, 1967 1600

    It hasn't been mentioned here for a few days, but one more vote for restoring the Manila paint color. Here's a '68 1600 that I regrettably sold about 20 years ago, the following owners have been quite kind to it: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1968-bmw-1600/ It did have the original brown seats when I sold it, but they were showing a lot of wear even then. Jerry
  2. I pulled up the carpet, but was not able to see into the pedal box, just the sliver of space between where the pedals move. Horse hair I believe would be in original seats, and this car had new Recaros installed about a year ago. Also, there is no smell when I just sit in the car, only when it is moving. M5280RCR, The rubbery stuff between the pedal arms is a removable insert that keeps the carpet from falling into the pedal box. You should be able to gain full access to the box interior, at least well enough to remove rodent carcasses. See #19: Just gently lift the rubber "sound absorber", remembering to be gentle with the 45 year old brittle polymers. It's a good time to replace that part, too. Realoem shows they're still available for $27.
  3. Cali Flooding

    I'm a California native, but also lived in Dayton, Ohio, for 12 years. Every time someone asked me if I was happy to be away from all the earthquakes, I'd reply, "First time I see a tornado, I'm going back to my earthquakes!" I never came closer than about 10 miles to an active tornado in 12 years, but I did miss the Loma Prieta quake. Tomorrow's winter forecast here in NorCal is partly sunny, high of 61. Liking it, and I have full respect for those who are tough (or stubborn?) enough to take midwest winters. They're not for me.
  4. New member in Chicago, 1967 1600

    A photo of the battery top would resolve voltage questions, 6 caps = 12V, 3 caps = 6V. Also, I used to own a '68 Manila 1600 with a dark brown interior, I think it's the same interior color as yours. Definitely email the VIN to BMW, they can provide the original paint color.
  5. Poor Braking - Help Required

    Do the brake shoes have the same radius as the drums? Also, is the parking brake cable completely disengaged? Take more pictures from various angles. In your latest photo with the red and green highlights, the left end of the fork doesn't look right to me, but I haven't been inside one of these for years so more input from others would be good. One more thing, is the axle nut cotter pin missing? I don't see it in the photo.
  6. Disillusioned with new cars

    That's for sure, and it makes little difference how many miles the car has been driven. Once it's 10 years old, be ready to make more car payments to keep the "goodies" working. Our '04 LS needs a brake controller, cat, and electric parking brake. New car is starting to sound better... Edit: Did I forget to mention that the Ford man wants about $2300 for all that?
  7. I only want an '02 to drive it, looking at it is not much fun for me. The rise in tii values have also come with rising parts' prices, and availability is getting harder. A resto of my non-running tii is looking like crazy money, and I'm old enough now that I want to get back to driving it before I can't. These circumstances are making plan b much more attractive: get it running and just drive it. Body-wise, it could use some touching up and it will look pretty good. The drive train will need some going through. I'd enjoy it more with a freshened interior, too. I did receive my injection pump back from Fairchild's a couple years ago, next step will be to pull the transmission and engine block (the head is already off), and clean, clean, clean. I may be mildly intimidated by the accumulation of crud, just have to do it.
  8. Horrible tii cold start problems

    Your very clear description sounds just like a failed cold start injector, but you've determined that the cold start system works. Does the cold start injector actually spray fuel during engine cranking with the switch activated? I'm also wondering if the injector tubes have lost pressure after shutting off the engine. I don't have a way to check that type of problem off the top of my head, other than swapping parts with your other car or having the pump and injectors tested. I suppose you could pull an injector when you expect this excessive cranking problem to be present and see if the injector sprays fuel during initial cranking. Just be careful about sparks, etc. That fuel mist is kind of touchy.
  9. Annoying whistling sound at speed

    I believe Mr. Mike Self would suggest applying blue masking tape to various potential whistle sound sources (one or two at a time) until the whistle goes away to isolate the sound source. Use the tape to temporarily block air flow over suspect sound sources, such as trim gaps, windshield gasket edges, and so forth. Once you've found the source, making the noise go away is likely to be fairly easy.
  10. I've never had any work done at the dealer, but they've been quite helpful (in the past before realoem.com existed) with identifying and sourcing obscure parts. The plastic master cylinder hose fittings come to mind, as well as various trim clips, etc.
  11. Fan switch position

    Just for reference, '72tii 2761401 delivered early April, 1972 came equipped with the threaded C pillar mounts for rear 3pt belts. I installed the belts myself, and was quite pleased to find the mounts already there. The fan switch in my car is mounted in the instrument cluster. Jerry
  12. No one has mentioned the vent air plenum hood seals at the base of the windshield. If there's enough blow-by in the engine compartment and those seals are leaky, it could smell like exhaust coming through the plenum. With the windows closed, less air is drawn into the cabin through the heater box. Just a thought.+
  13. Or engine ...Or engine/transmission/diff mount(s). Engine mount can be checked by pulling the valve cover toward the passenger side fender. If it moves, bad...
  14. Could the injection pump pulley be 180° out of timing with the ignition? I've read elsewhere that the car will run in this state, but not very well.
  15. Chrome glove box?

    I have a vague recollection that imported cars were given an extra year to implement some of the new Federal regulations. I remember thinking it was a bit unfair to the domestic car makers at the time, but I was a teenager then so most everything seemed pretty screwed up to me.