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  1. Sweet! It's great to see the "gang" in motion on this. Let me know if you guys need additional additional help. Hit me up on my mobile or gmail address and I will be there. KC
  2. I'm so tempted to drop by... Its a good thing I just dropped $3500 on another e39 as the last thing I need right now is one more rusty project. Come on Jim, I was only off by 402... HA!! KC
  3. http://baltimore.craigslist.org/cto/2974647207.html Says its a ti. No pictures, just phone number. The mention of rallye seats certainly gives it a bit of potential. Not mine...
  4. A correctly sized spacer will work, or even a stack of appropriately sized washers. KC
  5. Shorty center console for early cars $100 plus shipping. **SOLD** Powder coated tii valve cover $60 plus shipping **SOLD** 320i rear backing plates. $35 plus shipping. Uber clean tii clock for late tii (74...) I've had this for years it was purchased new for a friend and installed in the car until it was sold $200 OBO... Two 320is steering wheels, one with an aftermarket wheel skin. Both have broken shrouds that will have to be glued on... Make offer. **SOLD** Brand new, stock Bosch Al89x Alternator for a non tii. I powder coated the fan and pulley... $50 shipped OBO>>> **SOLD** Momo Horn Button $20 shipped: Late model fan shroud. $20 plus shipping More to follow! KC
  6. Late hubs (small bearing) are dirty and nasty... Off of a 1981 320 $55 plus shipping. Early hubs (big bearing for tii) cleaned up with a bit of surface rust from sitting around. Off of a 78 320. $55 plus shipping. Email me through the forum. Thanks, KC
  7. Dude they look like candy!! If I didn't already have a set in the stash....
  8. A recent post reminded me that this was in my basement and I don't need it... $250 plus shipping. Email me through the forum if you are interested. KC
  9. You post reminded me that I have a new one kicking around.... I'm about to post in the for sale section. KC
  10. My opinion: This car is fucking awesome... Sure it's not a real ti but that's just a metal badge stuck on with two rubber keepers... Want to make it back into a standard 2002 go ahead and take two minutes to pop the trunk and install a different badge. Having driven this car I can say it is scary fast. Paul W. built this car right, read back into the FAQ archives and you will likely find some details. The book of receipts that accompanies the car is incredible, like Jonathan says is pretty mind blowing and that does not take into account the additional mods that were added after he bought it, GTS seats, NOS door panels, new carpets set, rebuilt 3.45 LSD... It was also stored indoors in a parking garage (and under a car cover) since it was restored. Disclosure: Jonathan M. (current owner) and Paul W. (previous owner and builder) are people I consider good friends... If I had the cash... You're damn right I would buy this car!
  11. Not that I know of... But that doesn't mean much at all. I did it myself with some help from friends. KC
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