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  1. Sorry to post and then not come back for so long. More work than I can possibly get to right now. Little time for anything else. Just want a basic Vintage eligible engine for now. Figure high compression custom pistons, steel rockers, big cam, and some lightening/balancing, plus whatever he decides to do with the heads. Just want something I can take to the track, and or do some hillclimbs with. Autocross doesn't do it for me. Not looking to go real fast. Its a 2002 after all. I have three TR8 race cars that are all faster than the 02 could ever legally be. Just looking for something thats a change of pace from the V8 2400 pound cars I'm use to. My new favorite track toy has a built LS3 in a TR8 coupe body with 120 feet of roll cage tubing holding it together. Not legal for anything, but OMG, its fast. Built it just to see if I can hit 200 mile per hour in one of those standing mile competitions held at an airport in Maine. Pandemic has put that on hold for now, but I don't see an issue with hitting my goal.
  2. Anybody have any real numbers of what is expected/possible for the various race classes an 02 may run in? I'm specifically interested in SCCA EP and GT3, along with some of the Vintage classes. What does it take to get these numbers and what would it cost to build an engine to those specs? I have two "race" engines with unknown internals. I did not get any paperwork with this car when I picked it up from an estate back in the early 2000s. Hope is to build one engine for EP and one for GT3. Car already has all the bolt on goodies, like Webber DCOE 45s and Dellorto DHLA 40s, accusump, MSD, oil cooler, close ratio 5 speed, box flares, fuel cell, full cage, fiberglass body panels, etc. It was, is, and always will be a race car. I want to send at least one engine to my trusted engine builder, because he called me yesterday looking for some work. Guess times have been slow building race engine over the pandemic. My back up engine is sitting under the bench in my garage. All I know about it is that it came with twin 45s on a Warnford intake, and has a camshaft that has Serra 300 stamped on the end. It ripped when I got it started and pulled it from a car 10 years ago, so I know it has something done to it and it ran strong. Plan is to send it to him for a tear down, but I need to formulate a plan after that in conjunction with advice and the rule book.
  3. Bennie and Kermit are coming to view the car on Wednesday.
  4. How big do you think the box would be that would fit these? I may be interested in adding them to my pile of spares. Do you think 200 would cover shipping to East coast? If so, I'm in. Todd
  5. I am thinking about selling mine. Just lost where I have had it stored for several years and dragged it home last weekend. Really don't have a purpose for it other than owning it has been cool. Loved working on it. Pig checked, full cage built with 1.5" .120 DOM tubing. Lots of spares, including a spare engine, 3 limited slip rear ends, extra radiator, spare lights and suspension, 320i drums, front and rear subframes, windshield(s), OD 5 speeds, set of Rota 13X8 wheels, etc. Currently rolling around on a set of 320i is 13" wheels. Car has a close ratio 245 5 speed in it now, VDO gauges, shift light, accusump, fiberglass hood and deck lid, lean windows, Simpson seat, oil cooler, battery relocate, MSD, wink mirror, window net, ATL fuel cell, coil overs, big sway bars, front and rear strut bars, jack points and 2" square stock inside rockers, etc. Currently has twin 45 Weber DCOEs on Warnford manifold, but it also has a set of Dellorto DHLA 40s. The car has evidence that Kermit Upton played a huge roll in its initial build. I don't have any solid evidence of the cars history before I bought it from an estate. Local guys remember seeing it autocross, but no info from before that. Engine was built by MASR (Kermit's shop in VT. where he built many BMW race cars back in the 70s 80s), and carries a MASR with number where engine number is suppose to be stamped. Gear box is stamped with a single digit, three or 5 if I remember correctly. According to Kermit, those early gearboxes were for factory race cars only, but his records suck, and he built so many cars, he does not specifically remember this one. His guess was it was built for one of the slower IMSA or SCCA national level classes that allowed fender mods. Hard to relate with today's classes, but look and see what was around in late 70s early 80s. When I got it, it was green with flares and fiberglass, but still had regular doors, a bolt in cage, and glass windows. Fiberglass fenders have MASR stickers on the inside. Needs to be sorted. I transformed the car from its autocross state to one thats more suited for vintage, GT3, or EP class, but never went any farther. Too many cars, too many race cars, getting too old to keep playing this game. Would like to find this a good home. I'm guessing with everything this car has, its got to be worth around $25K, but I am willing to talk. Plan for now is to clean it up and put it on an auction site. Not willing to go the extra mile to wring every last penny out of it's sale. Buy it now, save money, save me the grief. Car is a 73 or 74, or some combination of the two. No real VIN on the car, but I have records from a couple of parts cars, hint hint. On my scales it weighs in at almost exactly 2,000 pounds without driver, and no ballast. Still some things that can be cut away to reduce weight, but not much. Car is located in Massachusetts. Recently picked up a Huffaker CP/GT1 Triumph TR8 that has been stored in a transporter since 1986. If I had not started working on the TR8, then I could have given more time to the BMW.
  6. Looks like Inka'd02 is coming up this weekend to get the seats. Bill, when you get a chance, send me a PM with an email. We can talk, and I can get you some pictures. Car is in storage and its still Winter here. Well sort of Winter. End of January and we're still waiting for the first real snowfall. There has already been some interest in the car, but nothing is a done deal. I need to get the car home before I make any final decisions about its future.
  7. I really don't want to ship them. Its just not worth my time. Stop and think how much time and gas it will take to find boxes big enough, pack them, then run around with them and get quotes. I don't even know where there is a grey hound bus terminal. Boston, Maybe? If somebody local wants them, I'll sell them. If somebody buys my car, I'll throw then in the car. Wife is working on my other set of seats as I type. I dug them out to take pics. Another day or two and she will start on these. Already have a bolt of black Alcantara, and a bolt of white/grey/black plaid upholstry from Germany. Thats what she is using on the Triumph TR8 seats she is redoing now.
  8. I have two complete and one in pieces E21 Recarros. Sold as is. Firm on price. My wife is recovering a set of seats for me now for another project car. When she is done with those, she gets these, unless I sell them first. I won't ship them unless you are willing to pay me for my time and materials to box and deliver to a shipper. My 02 is pretty much a dedicated track car at this point so I don't see ever needing these. Been cluttering up my garage for years. Time to do something about them. On a similar note, if anybody is interested in the 02 in my sig, we can talk. Discussion starts at $10K. Its a full cage, lexan windows, flared fiberglass fenders, fiberglass hood and trunk, accusump, twin Dellorto, close ratio gearbox, and has tons of high dollar spares. Another set of twin Webers, three limited slips including a 3.45, OD 5 speeds, extra subframes, E21 suspension and brake stuff, extra flywheel, spare engine with a 300 cam, otherwise unknown internals. Not sure of entire history of the car. PO passed away and I got the car thru a third party. Engine and body panels are stamped Mountain Auto Sports(thats Kermit Upton's place in Vt.) Trans is a real low number 245/10 or 245/11. Its stored in a barn in central Mass.
  9. I am a big fan of cages in street cars. A lot of care needs to be taken to install it seamlessly into the bodywork. My 02 is a track car, but the cage is fairly tight to the body. I can see something similar being installed in a street version. My current project is a Triumph TR8 coupe that has a fully integrated roll cage and a 500 HP LS3. The cage was built with the intent of covering it up so that it blends into the structure of the car. Once all the fabrication is done, I will go in with spray foam around all of the tubes. Then I'll cut the for, down and cover it with interior panels, and cloth. The only thing left visible in the cockpit will be the diagonal behind the seats and the door bars. Its going to suck climbing in and out. The inner stiffening panels on the roof, and the inner rocker panels were removed so that the tubes could run in there. Down tubes touch the A pillars and the sides behind the seats. Its going to be a street car that sees some track days. I'm not far from you and have build several cages. If you need help, drop me a line. Here's some teasers.
  10. I have one in Carver thats from a square tail light car. Not sure exactly what year the parts car was, think it was a 74, but if that will work for you....
  11. 99%sure I have a complete set of those. Currently they are on my race car as shop rollers. Think I may even have a 5th one. I'm in Carver Mass but the car is stored up in Lunenburg for the winter. Send me a PM with contact info and we can talk.
  12. I am spoiled because I have a rotisserie, but I have an inexpensive solution for you. Over on the MGB type forums, there are posts where people cut 3/4" plywood into circles with 2X4 pieces screwed on like the hands of a clock. Jack up the car. Bolt the plywood onto the bumper attachments. Lower the car until it is resting on the edge of the plywood, and roll it 90 degrees. The 2X4s com in contact with the ground and prevent the car from continue to roll. Google images might lead you right to one of the threads on mgexperience.
  13. Lots of speculation on this thread so I'll throw this out there. Take the lowly TR7. It has a canted 2.0L engine that looks remarkably like a M10 except for the whole twin carb and aluminum head thing. They came with 4 speeds early on and OD 5 speeds later on. Both cars came with the same size tires. Both cars weighed just about the same. Early TR7s had 3.90 rear end ratios but later switched to 3.45s. Having owned dozens of TR7s and TR8s, take it from me. 4 speeds suck. OD 5 speeds with a 3.90 accelerate a little quicker, but cruising at 3K at just over 60mph is no fun. The 3.45 brings that up to around 68-70 mph which is much nicer on todays road ways. Maybe 40 years ago, the 3.90 was a better choice, but today, the 3.45 is the way to go. Your car will not lug in 5th gear. FWIW, I just picked up a TR7 that the owner set up for max mpgs. It has oversized tires, a 3.08 rear end, a California edition single carb intake and an automatic transmission. Talk about unspirited driving, but it gets over 40mpgs and has a killer stereo. Its in the driveway, up on stands now. Its getting a 5 speed, a 3.45 rear end, and going back to the twin carbs. Then I'll resell it for a profit, because who wants a car with a 4 cylinder when the same car came stock with an 8 cylinder.
  14. I'm thinking about selling mine. I'm in Carver Mass, but the car is being stored in Lunenburg Mass. Conversation starts at $10K. There is a list of high priced parts and spares. You could sell off the limited slips, webers, dellortos, OD 5 speeds, CR 5 speed, and recoupe most of that 10K in no time at all. A picture of the car is in my sig, but I have more from when I was installing the Lexan, cage, and fuel cell. tkishbach at comcat dot net send me a ping and I'll give you my phone number, or google my last name and a phone number will pop up. I'm easy to find. Todd
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