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  1. Sislane- Something is wrong with your email. My server has been trying to deliver for the last 24 hours.
  2. My email is next to my name. you can Paypal there. Thanks
  3. SOLD. 2 are padded, one is hard plastic. Email details to my email address at the top if that's OK.
  4. You know, I've never cracked any of these open and cleaned them. I think cleaning out the old, dry grease helps a lot. If you've done that then you probably need to try another. The cars these came from were from CA and AZ so I don't think these wipers were used much.
  5. Make me an offer if you want something. I don't think the dist. cap was ever used. These are top spring pads. Black headlight retainers Sunroof headliner piece
  6. Los Angeles that is. Anybody know a good one? Thanks
  7. Make me an offer if you need it, otherwise I recycle it.
  8. I had custom cans made. Email me if you are interested in one. I can't say that your color is the same as mine, but it's probably close.
  9. Complete with hubs, spacers and shims. Will ship anywhere if you want to pay for it. Email for pictures. Make me an offer.
  10. I will get pictures today or tomorrow for everyone interested. Thanks!
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