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  1. Ryan_71-02


  2. I recently swapped out the set of Sport Billy's I had on my car for a fresh set of HD's. The Sports are well used, one strut has a leak, but they still had life in them until they were removed. $150 plus shipping and they are yours. Ryan
  3. For reference: I too have found the facotry foil backed/horsehair & glue stuff in my '75 Auto as well. Only on the front passenger footwell and forward tunnel areas. If I had to guess, its probably for the last two years when the thermal reactor manifolds were introduced and the factory went crazy with heat shielding. Just hope its not asbestos based or something deadly. Ryan
  4. I just did mine a couple weeks ago. The clips holding the rubber in place were super rusted, so I soaked them in rust converter after a quick wire wheel. While they soaked I made sure to clean out the channels the rubber slides into. To the point of using a tooth brush. One side slid right in the no problem. The other required patience and some Sill Glyde. Installing it could be equated to trying to pull a sticker off nice and slow to keep it in one piece and not leave behind residue, but in reverse. Ryan
  5. Bought this used years ago and never got around to using it. BEHR radiator, very straight, a good flush and I'm sure it will be good to go. Shipping from Seattle 98126. $65 shipped. Local pickup always preferred. Ryan
  6. I have 3 or 4 boxes sitting around I have no use for. Free for the cost of shipping plus a little... "Handling". In Seattle 98126, please don't make me throw them away. I hate to waste parts. They are ugly on the inside but would make great cores for a fresh flocking. Ryan
  7. The white plastic line that feeds the motor from the tank. Not the blue return line. Everything I'm offering is used. Ryan
  8. Frengel, never recieved your email. Try again. I'll have it boxed up and shipped as soon as I hear from you. Ryan
  9. Hell, I'll give you the filter housing for $20 shipped. It's useless to me.
  10. Frengel- the lid is dented but could be tapped out. $30 shipped sound fair?
  11. McBain1602, email me privately for my paypal.
  12. $25 for the factory, $50 for the 320i. Say $100 shipped?
  13. Just trying to get rid of the last of the parts pile infecting my garage. Make me an offer plus shipping. Local pickups always preferred. Located in West Seattle 98126. I'd rather have this stuff used than scrapped. Every time I toss something, a few weeks later someone's looking for it. BMW Parts Used Bilstein Shocks (completely dead) --SOLD-- Hard fuel return line Plastic fuel lines x2 76-76 muffler heat shields --GONE-- Rear stub axles Factory shifter arms One front control arm 320i plastic aluminum radiator $50 Stock radiator One barrel air filter housing --SOLD-- 2-barrel intake manifold x2 Tii exhaust manifold --SOLD-- -brazed up by previous owner Oil pump (3-bolt gear) 71 grills L&R -driver quality, one side missing clear reflector Wing windows -complete with frame Rear Quarter glass Ryan
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